Top 10 Things to Do in Jamaica

Are you traveling to Jamaica? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Jamaica as a tourist!

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is a long, beautiful beach that most travelers always come back to enjoy. There are many all-inclusive resorts in Negril, so you have plenty of choices for accommodation at this beautiful beach.

The water is turquoise and crystal clear, and the sand is soft and white. In other words, the Seven Mile Beach a real paradise beach. If you get hungry or fancy a drink, there are plenty of places serving both Jamaican food and drinks.

Blue Hole

Blue Hole is a fun experience for the whole family. Jump from the rocks into crystal clear water, jump down the waterfall and have a great day full of fun. Blue Hole is a great and beautiful destination, and also one of the best things to do in Jamaica.

Jamaica’s Spirit of Reggae – the Bob Marley Experience

This tour starts from Montego Bay and takes you to several places that were important to Bob Marley. You also get to learn more about “The King of Reggae” and also about the Rastafarian religion. Before you go back, make sure to visit Bob Marley’s grave, and get the opportunity to show him some respects.


Several operators offer rafting in Jamaica’s wild landscape. A fun adventure for the whole family that everyone should try at some point in life. Jamaica is a great place to go rafting for the first time.

Negril Cliffs

Jump from the rocks or watch the other travelers jumps from cliffs while enjoying a cold drink at the café. At Negril Cliffs, there are also some caves that you can explore and swim around in. Rick’s Café that’s located here is known worldwide and is considered to be one of the world’s best bars.

Address: West End, Negril.

Swim with Dolphins – Don’t Support this Attraction

We at do not support activities that use animals for entertainment. The only reason why we have included this attraction in this list of the most popular things to do in Jamaica is to inform you about how wrong it is.

It’s a fact, dolphins at these kinds of places are not treated well. They’re kidnapped from their families out in the wild ocean to become prisoners and live in small pens for the rest of their lives. They’re trained and forced to do the same motions, same speech, same signals, and interact with humans several times a day.

These creatures are meant to live in the wild with their families, not in captivity. Please, do not support any attractions that involve animals during your travels!

Reach Falls

A beautiful and peaceful place situated in Port Antonio. Here’s a lovely waterfall located where you can go into the cave behind the waterfall. It’s so much fun to explore the area around this waterfall, thanks to its wild jungle that’s located nearby. Reach Falls is a perfect day trip and also one of the most popular things to do in Jamaica.

Bloody Bay

A less known beach than the famous Seven Mile Beach is the Bloody Bay. This beach offers just as beautiful water and sand, and also a calmer atmosphere. The vendors and musicians of Bloody Bay feel a little more relaxed and not as intrusive as the ones at Seven Mile Beach. Bloody Bay is definitely one of our favorite beaches in Jamaica.

Bob Marley Museum in Kingston

Are you a fan of the music icon Bob Marley, then you have to visit the museum that’s dedicated to him in the city of Kingston. Here you get the chance to see objects and learn more about his life.

Diving and Snorkeling

Just as in the rest of the Caribbean, there are great opportunities for both diving and snorkeling. The crystal clear water makes it easy to see all the fish and other marine animals. Around Jamaica, there are several places where you can get certified and places that organize guided diving and snorkeling tours.

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