Before you travel

There are some things to consider and know before you travel to another country. Some things are considered to be self-evident, but can easily be forgotten when the mind is already on its way to the journey that awaits around the corner.

Learn more about what’s important before departure

  • Visas and passports
  • Vaccination
  • A complete packing list

When flights and hotels are booked, you usually get an email with all documents needed to check in at the airport, and a hotel voucher to be presented at the hotel. It’s important to double-check your travel documents so that they match what you have booked. If it shows that something has gone wrong, it is important to correct this as soon as possible to avoid additional fees and other hassles.

Checklist when you receive your travel documents

  • Name
  • Date
  • Destination
  • Hotel
  • Checked in baggage
  • Any additional info

We hope that all the information was correct. The next step is to check out what is required for check-in at the airport. Most airlines want you to check in online to facilitate the work at the airport and reduce queue times. Some companies even charge extra fees if you choose to check in at the airport, instead of checking in online.

It is usually very easy to check in online; the link should be in your email from the airline. Follow all the steps and make sure everything is correct before proceeding. Once you have checked in online, you will receive your boarding pass sent to your email or to your account with the airline. Boarding card doesn’t need to be printed in most cases. A lot of airlines nowadays have an app or gives you a QR-code to scan at the airport, which then shows up when you check in your luggage.

If you go on a package, holiday tour, they usually take care of both flights and hotels. The only thing you need to do is to check if you need to print the documents sent to your email and of course bring your passport. (For an exemption, you will receive information from your tour operator).

Make sure to print a copy of all travel documents you need during the trip, for example, hotel vouchers, hostels passport, a rental car voucher, etc. Or even better, store them online and take print screens, and download copies of all documents to your email or a portable device such as a USB stick or your mobile phone. You can then easily access and print your travel documents if you need them or lose them.