Top 10 Things to Do in Marrakech

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Are you traveling to Marrakech? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Marrakech as a tourist!

Marrakech is a popular destination in Morocco, famous for its markets and beautiful riad. It’s also a gateway to the country, and from here you can go desert camping in Morocco as well as many other fun activities!

If you’re staying longer, there are even more places to discover and you could make day trips to some amazing places near Marrakech, that should definitely be included on your 7 days in Morocco itinerary in order to get a diverse and memorable trip. 

Hike through Jemaa el-Fnaa

This is the true heart of Marrakech and a must place to visit. Depending on the time of the day when you visit it will look totally different at Jemaa el-Fnaa. During daytime it’s crowded with sellers, snake charmers, and tourists.

But at night, it transforms into a giant restaurant market with freshly grilled chicken, lamb, and merguez sausages. Don’t forget to try this! It’s amazing.

Join the Hammam

Hammam might be known as a Turkish bath, but it’s a big part of the Arabic culture and the Hammam baths of Marrakech is not an exception. You need to try this when you visit, especially after a day of shopping at the souks.

Experience the Moroccan Cuisine

The cuisine in Morocco is regarded as one of the best. That’s why you should join a Moroccan food tour and try as many dishes as possible. Some of the highlights are tagine, couscous, and orange salad.

Visit the Souk

The souk is where you will find handicrafts and the bazaar with 15 000 small boutiques. Something similar is not possible to find in Europe other than Istanbul. This makes the souk an exciting place to visit. There is so much to see at the souks that you can easily spend a week here alone.

Get Lost in Medina

Just to stroll around the old town, which is the literal translation of “Medina” is a fun activity here. You can walk around for hours and just admire the beauty of the city and meet the locals of Marrakech. Stop by and have a traditional tea or coffee when you need a break.

Stay in a Riad

If you want an authentic luxury experience while visiting Morocco and Marrakech particularly, you should stay at a Riad, which is a local house/palace with an interior garden or courtyard. Le Riad Yasmine, for example, is one of the best riads in Marrakech and probably the most instagrammable place in Marrakech and definitely worth a visit.

Staying in a Riad is great if you travel to Morocco with family or friends, or even your loved one. 

Jardin Majorelle

A colorful green oasis in Marrakech which is perfect for relaxing and getting away from the big city life. As soon as you get inside the walls of Jardin Majorelle, you will notice the calm atmosphere. The Berber museum is one of the highlights here as well as the cactus and flowers.


The closest and nearest fishing village to Marrakech makes a perfect daytrip, or even stay for a day or two. Some of the things that wait in Essaouira are fresh fish, cozy strollings, shopping, charming cafes and of course beaches and kite surfing!

Guided City Tour

A visit to Marrakech is fantastic and it can be hard to take in everything on your own. There is so much history here and so many important buildings and places to discover. To make the most of the visit, it’s recommended to join a guided city tour. The guides know all shortcuts and the city’s history.

You should also drink tea in Marrakech and eat Tagine. 

Marrakech Literary Cafe

In one of the oldest houses of Marrakech you will find the literary cafe Dar Cherifa. At this place you can watch readings, art displays, song performances in french and Arabic and English. It’s a cool and modern contrast to the otherwise old surroundings.

Address: 8 Derb Charfa Lakbir Mouassine.

Hike, Climb or Skii in the Atlas Mountains

The majestic Atlas Mountains is definitely something for your bucket list if you like nature and hiking. It’s possible to travel here from Marrakech and in the Atlas mountains you can do adventure sports and try rock climbing or even go skiing.

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