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The 10 most scenic roads for motorcyclists in the US

The 10 most scenic roads for motorcyclists in the US

Like to bike? There are plenty of scenic roads out there, and we’ve decided to put together a list with the 10 most scenic roads that every motorbike fanatic should ride!

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1. Central Hills Loop

This route begins and ends in Keystone, South Dakota. It stretches 57  miles.

2. Beartooth Pass

Only 50 miles long, but one of the world’s most scenic roads for sure!

3. San Juan Mountain Skyway

The section between Ouray & Silverton is very known around the world, and even if it only stretches 12 miles, it’s magical. The whole San Juan Mountain Skyway is about 257 miles long.

4. Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon

This road can be found in Utah. It’s a long one that goes 293 miles.

5. “The Snake” – Hwy 421 & 34

A short ride in Tennessee. 23 miles long.

6. Twisty Redwood Ride

This Californian road is 22 miles long.

7. The Copperhead Loop

77 miles of North Carolina beauty.

8. Unaweep Tabeguache Scenic Road – CO 141

Starting in Whitewater, Colorado about 10 miles south of Grand Junction and then continues 131 miles.

9. Triple State Mississippi River Run (MN, IA, WI)

The longest route on this list goes through 3 states, and you’ll drive for a long time here! But it’s worth it.

10. The Shelburne Falls Loop

132 miles long road in Massachusetts.


So these are some of our favorite roads for motorcyclists in the U.S, but of course, there are lots of scenic places all over the states, so don’t be afraid of getting off the road and explore some new places.

What to think about before leaving home

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Also, remember to hydrate. Driving for hours can be fun, and the scenery will be fantastic. But not all roads in the US are filled with bustling towns and supermarkets, so make sure to bring enough liquids as well.