12 Things to do in Helsingborg

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Looking for things to do in Helsingborg? Helsingborg is the second biggest city in Skåne (southern Sweden) and is known to be the pearl of Öresund.

There are many things to do in Helsingborg, both as a local and tourist. There’s always something fun going on in this town, especially during the warm summer months.

Stroll around at Kullagatan

Kullagatan is a charming street located in central Helsingborg, and here you have some shopping and several cute cafés.

At this beautiful cobbled stone street you’ll find both Fahlmans bageri (a famous bakery), the popular cafe Espresso House, H&M, Åhlens, Scorett, and several other stores selling both clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products, and home interior.

Around this street you’ll also find a good selection of bars and restaurants.

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Visit Norra Hamnen

Norra Hamnen translates into North Harbor in english and is an area west of Knutpunkten with several nice seafront apartments and boats.

It’s in Norra Hamnen that you’ll find both Dunkers Kulturhus and the popular swimming area Gröningen, as well as Fria Bad and the open air bath of Helsingborg.

At Norra Hamnen you can stroll around to enjoy the environment and breathe in the fresh air whole listen to the sound of the ocean. Here you’ll also find several cozy cafes and restaurants.

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Have a 50s “fika” at Ebbas Fik

To sit down with your friends and family and have a fika, that’s a big part of the Swedish culture. Fika is a word for having some coffee and sweets while socializing with friends and family.

There are many places where you can have a fika in Helsingborg, however, Ebbas Fik is one of the most famous cafés in town.

It’s a charming café that will take you back to the 50s with its retro vibes and delicious coffee and cookies. If you enjoy taking photos, this is a great place for you.

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Explore Kärnan

Kärnan is a medieval watchtower and was built during the 1300s. It was a part of Landborgen and has played an important role in the history of Helsingborg.

This is not only a beautiful and historic tower, but also a place that offers one of the best views in the city. If you climb up the top of Kärnan you’ll get a magical view of Helsingborg, Öresund, and a glimpse of Denmark a clear day.

Kärnan is a place that you have to visit, so make sure to write it down on your list of things to do in Helsingborg.

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Visit Mariakyrkan (Mary’s Church)

This church is a classic attraction in Helsingborg. Mariakyrkan is from the 1300s and here you can learn about christianity in Sweden as well as the history of Helsingborg.

The church is open to the public and can be visited on the inside as well. If you like to see religious buildings while traveling, then we highly recommend to visit Mariakyrkan in Helsingborg.

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Visit Fredriksdals friluftsmuseum

Go back in time and explore old Helsingborg and see how the people used to live and how the society operated. To this day, you can visit old shops that sell traditional and local products.

This place is also famous for its theatre, Fredriksdalsteatern, that is open during the summer months and houses several performances.

The park is also home to a beautiful botanical garden and a park where you can see animals from the area.

If you’re traveling with kids, then this is one of the best things to do in Helsingborg for you.

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Go shopping at Väla

If you like to shop, then you should visit the shopping mall Väla that’s located outside Helsingborg.

Väla is one of the biggest shopping malls in Sweden and here you have hundreds of stores to check out. There’s also a big food court where you have an impressive selection of international restaurants.

You can visit Väla by taking bus 22 from Knutpunkten in central Helsingborg.


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Visit Sofiero castle

North of central Helsingborg, you’ll find the beautiful Sofiero Castle. It was built by Oscar II and was finished in 1876.

Today this castle is one of the top things to do in Helsingborg with its beautiful gardens with thousands of plants and flowers. The castle park was namned to be one of the most beautiful parks in Europe in 2010.

At Sofiero castle you’ll also find a nice restaurant that serves delicious food.

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Dunkers Kulturhus

If you like art and culture, then you simply have to visit Dunkers Kulturhus in the North Harbor.

The exhibitions varies during the year, however, the quality is always the same and the staff is always passionate about their work at the museum.

If you’re planning to visit Kärnan, Dunkers Kulturhus, and Frediksdalsmuseet, then it can be a good idea to get the “kulturkortet”, which is a card that will give you discounts at these places.

Fun fact: At the back of Dunkers Kulturhus you’ll find a round platform next to the water. If you stand in the middle of the platform you can hear the echo of your voice when speaking.

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Have a beach day at Tropical Beach

If you’re visiting Helsingborg during the summer, it can be nice to go swimming somewhere.

Tropical Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Helsingborg and is known for its tropical atmosphere with palm trees and bars that serve fresh juices.

Fria Bad and Gröningen are also two other popular places for a beach day in Helsingborg.


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Attend a football game

Helsingborgs IF, also known as HIF, is one of the most classic football clubs in Sweden with a history that goes back to 1907.

Olympia is the name of the arena where HIF usually play. They currently play in the highest league in Sweden, also known as Allsvenskan.

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Make a day trip to Helsingör

A day trip to Helsingör in Denmark, is one of the most popular things to do in Helsingborg.

The ferry only takes 20 minutes, and on the other side awaits a beautiful small town with lovely cafés, restaurants, shops, and hot dog stands where you can eat a Danish rød pølse (red hot dog).

You can catch the ferry from Knutpunkten in central Helsingborg, it costs around 50 SEK for a return ticket for adults.

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Things to do in Helsingborg when it rains

  • Shopping at Väla
  • Visit Dunkers Kulturhus (museum)
  • Go see a movie at the cinema Filmstaden
  • Play laserdome
  • Go bowling
  • Go bar hopping

Things to do in Helsingborg with kids

  • Visit Dunkers kulturhus
  • Let the kids play at Busfabriken
  • Play laserdome
  • Experience Breakout Sweden (escape game)
  • Go bowling at Olympia Bowling
  • Drive gokart
  • Experience Toy World
  • Bounce at Jumpyard

More things to do in Helsingborg

  • See the beautiful town hall
  • Go swimming at the open air bath
  • Ice skating at Olympiarinken
  • See the cherry blossom at Furutorpsparken
  • Take a stroll in Jordbodalen
  • Stroll around in Pålsjö skog
  • Visit the annual antiques fair
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