25 travel apps that every traveler should download

Do you like to travel? Here’s the ultimate list with 25 travel apps that every traveler should download to make things easier and more fun!

1. AroundMe

This app allows you to see what’s near where you are. AroundMe lists ATMs, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, parking, hospitals, hotels, bars and cafes and much more.

AroundMe has now over 1 million downloads, and rightly so. This travel app is awesome and a must when exploring new places!

2. Project Prey

Prey is the ultimate app to secure your computer, mobile or tablet if it gets stolen. The app allows you to track your computer wherever you are. The app has many fun and cool features.

A really cool and efficient feature is that if your device is stolen, you can launch the camera and film/photograph those using your device. This facilitates the work of the police and increases the chance to get back your computer or mobile/tablet.

One can also send messages, erase everything on the drive and see what that the thief does on your computer. Everything is logged in Prey, and the app should be a given download if you are traveling with a computer and cell phone.

3. Flight tracker

This app allows you to get information from airports around the world and makes it easy to keep track of whether the flight is delayed or the gate to go to and much more. If you are a frequent air traveler, this app is really good to have.

4. Dropbox

iPhone users get 2 GB free, while Android users can get up to a full 50 GBS storage absolutely free on Dropbox. Dropbox is easy to use and makes it simple to store important documents, pictures and other files you are afraid of. If your computer and mobile phone are stolen or if you lose it so all files are safely stored on your Dropbox.

5. TripAdvisor

The world’s largest collection of reviews of restaurants, hotels, hostels, activities, etc. A passenger’s cell phone is not complete without Tripadvisor in your list of travel apps.

With TripAdvisor, you will never again have to visit a bad restaurant or be forced to stay in a mangy hotel just because the photos show something else.

6. Backpacker GPS Trail Lite

Hiking, camping sites, national parks and much more around the world. The app uses the built-in GPS functionality and allows you to find and follow the marked locations and trails in a simple way.

7. Translator

iPhone users can download an app called Languages ($ 2.99). Languages can translate several hundred different words and sentences offline. You speak in your own language and the app will translate your speech into another language. Ideal if the person does not speak English and only speak for example Spanish or French. For Android users, we recommend the Easy Language Translator.

8. Entrain

Flying to another time zone? Then entrain is the travel app for you. It notifies you when you should be sleeping to reduce the difference as smoothly as possible. With this app, you can reduce the risk of suffering jet lag.

9. Xe Currency

After downloading this app you can easily keep track of the different exchange rates and see how much one currency is worth compared to the Swedish krona or any other currency.

10. Skyscanner Flight search

Skyscanner is one of the world’s top search engines to find cheap flights and a given resource for all travelers to download. It’s one of the best travel apps to find flights to all over the world. 

11. Flashlight

It is always good to have a flashlight with you. A common flashlight can be difficult always to carry with you, though. Therefore, all travelers should download an app that turns your mobile phone into a flashlight.

12. Free Wi-Fi Finder

With the Free Wi-Fi tinder, you can see where there is free Wi-Fi in your vicinity with the help of the built-in GPS feature. This can actually be a lifesaver many times, especially if you are traveling on a tight budget.

13. Skype

Skype lets you make free calls over the internet to other phones, computers, and tablets. Perfect to cut down on expensive calls abroad. Moreover, it is super cheap to make calls to virtually every country in the world.

This can save many dollars whether you’re making a call the authorities or banks that have long wait time. Most calls don’t cost more than 18 cents per minute. The only drawback is that you need a fairly robust Wi-Fi.

14. Uber

The taxi service Uber is both inexpensive and offers good service. They always go for a fixed price and you get to know the approximate price in advance. Uber is reliable and safe.

15. Airbnb

With Airbnb, you can rent everything from apartments and rooms to tree houses and much more. You can save several hundred dollars by not staying in an expensive hotel room. Renting an apartment or room usually also has a kitchen and free Wi-Fi.

16. Spotify

You probably already use Spotify, but it’s still worth a place on this list. If you have a long journey ahead, you can always have your favorite music with you.

17. Life 360

This app allows you to share your exact location with loved ones. With this app, you no longer have to worry about going astray and coming apart. Life 360 is perfect if you are traveling in groups and want to discover different parts of town. To share their exact location can be a little scary, but you can choose which you want to share your location with.

18. Google Maps

Google Maps can be invaluable when you come to a new place and have difficulty finding. The GPS works offline, which means you can check out the place where you have access to the site. After you have downloaded the map you won’t need any Internet connection and the blue marker will show your location using the built-in GPS feature.

19. Lounge Buddy

Information about lounges and what is available at over 500 airports around the world. There are both free lounges and lounges where you pay to stay in. The app explains what is included in the lounge, for example, if there is a shower, work area, free drinks, and snacks, etc.

20. Trip Journal

This app helps you organize images, videos, and notes. If you have GPS and Geo-tagging enabled, Trip Journal can additionally organize everything automatically based on where you’ve been.

21. Tripit

Your personal travel assistant that gathers all important documents and reminds you of things you have to do and remember. It’s one of the best travel apps for organizing your trip. 

22. Hopper (iPhone)

Hopper – Airfare prediction can help you save money when you book airline tickets. The app scans a large amount of data on a regular basis and predicts when it will be the cheapest to book your flight. It also recommends other dates that are cheaper than the date you have chosen.

23. Duolingo

With Duolingo you can learn common phrases and the basics of several of the world’s most spoken languages. It is always an advantage to be able to make yourself understood in the local language.

24. AccuWeather

Although weather forecasts are not always accurate, it may be good to have a reasonable knowledge of what the weather will be and if it will be windy, damp, etc. This makes planning tours and activities easier.

25. Trail Wallet

This app allows you to easily get a good and detailed overview of how you spend your money and on what. You can also add different budgets and get notified when you are near or have reached the limit of your budget.

Are you concerned about the budget or don’t have money in abundance? Then you should definitely take a look at this app. It is easy to waste money on unnecessary things during the trip, especially if the country has a currency other than what one is used to.

What are your favorite travel apps? Leave a comment below!

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