17 Reasons why you should Travel with your partner

To travel is without a doubt something of the coolest and most amazing things you can do together as a couple. Traveling solo can be inspiring and make you stronger as an individual, but to travel with the one you love can create lovely and unforgettable memories for life.

In addition to that, you also get to know each other for real and will endure the ultimate relationship test. If you pass, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

It’s more romantic and stimulating than everyday life back at home. Trust me when I say that a weekend away from home is so much more worth it and enriching than a month’s shopping and endless tv-watching.

1. Some moments are better shared

If you’ve been traveling solo, you probably know already that some moments are better shared together with someone you like or love. A beautiful sunset or the northern lights are two moments that you want to share with someone special.

Norrskenet Aurora Borealis

2. Your relationship will become stronger

During your trip, there will be moments where you meet obstacles, challenges, and other unpredictable things. This is something that you will solve together, and therefore also get a stronger relationship where you build trust on another level.

Travel couple

3. Better intimacy

Did you know that couples who travel together have more sex and show more love and appreciation than couples who don’t? That’s right; an American survey showed that couple who travel together have a bigger chance to keep that romantic spark and make it stronger. According to the survey, 77% av those who traveled together answered that they were happier and more intimate.

Romantic couple

4. More economical

While this probably shouldn’t be the main reason to travel with your partner, it’s still a great benefit to share the costs among two. A hotel room which cost 50 euros will do so most of the times no matter if you’re one or two people sharing.
Other costs you can share are food, taxi, transport, and activities.

sharing is caring

5. It’s romantic

Sure, it can be fun to travel solo or with friends, but it’s nothing compared to how romantic it can be to travel with your partner, and experience all those beautiful places together.

Constance Moofushi Resort

6. You have someone to cheer you up when you’re sad or feeling low

Some days are better than others, and some days are worse. That’s life, but if you always have someone cheering you up, life will be funnier, and you won’t stay sad or in a bad mood for long.

7. You get to see your partners hidden traits

Traveling together means that you’ll spend lots of time together. So, all those hidden traits will become visible along with the unpredictable things during your trip.

8. New experiences together

When you travel together, you get the chance to experience things together as a couple instead of living that same old routine back at home. Routines are often boring and tiresome after a while.
That’s why it’s perfect to travel with your partner and experience new things every day.
And who knows, maybe one of you have a hidden talent?

Iguazu falls

9. Create and share unforgettable moments together

You’ll write history together and experience many unforgettable adventures together. These memories will be with you forever.

10. You always have someone who got your back

No matter what happens, you know that someone always will have your back. There’s someone to push and support you at all times if something happens.


11. “Home is where the heart is”

We are usually most comfortable with those you love. And you don’t need a traditional home as long as you spend time with the one you love.

Home is where the heart is

12. Two are better than one

It’s always easier to find a solution to problems if you’re two people brainstorming.

travel plannin

13. You learn to trust each other

It’s you two against the world, and it’s important to trust each other, no matter what happens. Your trust will increase along the journey, especially when you do activities together and become a team.

Trusting couple

14. You get to know each other for real

Since you’ll be spending almost 24/7 together, there won’t be much that one can hide. The hidden things can be funny, interesting but also, of course, a little less fresh.

15. Cool photos together

Sure, a selfie can be awesome as well, but if you look through a photo album, it’s much more fun to see two people or more in the photo than just one.
How cool wouldn’t it be to have this photo of you in your own photo album?

amazing couple

16. You won’t be bored

Overnight stays at airports, long bus rides, and train rides can be super boring if you travel on your own. But if you share those moments with someone, they will feel faster, and you won’t be bored as long as you have your favorite person right next to you.

travelling couple

17. The ultimate test

When you travel together you will break boundaries and limits like never before. But the positive part of this is that if you make it back home, you’ll probably stay together for the rest of your life.

Lady och lufsen

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