The best passports to have in the world

Are you Swedish, Finnish, German or British? Then you can now enjoy being the owner of the world’s best passport. The Swedish passport, along with Finland, Germany and the UK is accepted by most countries in the world without the requirement for a visa. Swedish citizens can visit all 174 countries in the world without having to apply for a visa in advance.

It’s the law firm Henley & Partners, which annually publishes a list of freedom of movement in the world. Shortly after Sweden on the list is countries like Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Singapore. Worth noting is that U.S.A., which previously belonged to the countries with the best passport, no longer appear in the top.

In the bottom of the list is Afghanistan. Their passports are accepted only in 28 countries in the world without a valid entry visa.

To have one of the best workouts are unfortunately not only positively. More than 60 000 passports are being reported lost every year. Swedish passports has become a popular commodity on the black market and sold for expensive sums to various people including organizations such as the IS (Islamic State). There have been increasing reports of thefts of passports abroad.

While we should be proud to have the world’s best passport this entails both a risk and a responsibility. We would therefore urge the Swedish, Finnish, German and British citizens to be cautious with their passports. If you for example rent a moped, car or any other vehicle, we recommend that you never leave your passport as a deposit, for example. Always keep your passport in a safe place.

Henley & parners View Restriction index is published every year. The figures in this survey are from 2014. The entire survey can be found here.

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