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Top 10 Alternative weekend destinations

Top 10 Alternative weekend destinations

When you think of weekend trips, one often thinks about London, Barcelona, Rome or Paris, which are all classic weekend destinations. But since weekend trips are getting more and more popular many have already visited these cities. 

That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 10 best alternative weekend destinations. 

Porto, Portugal


Porto has a beautiful architecture that blends the medieval with the modern. It is a delight for the eye to walk around the city and there are several cozy restaurants and cafes with stunning views and charming atmosphere.

The historical part of Porto is classified as a World Heritage Site. Follow along on a free walking tour through the city with Porto Walkers or go for some wine tasting, Porto is, after all, the birthplace of Port wine. You can also take a boat trip along the beautiful river.

If you’re interested in football, you can take the opportunity to see the great team FC Porto play football. Shopping fans can bargain shoes, handicrafts and fine wines.


Eurostars Das Artes – A central and affordable accommodation with comfortable beds and free Wi-Fi. Most city attractions are within walking distance. After a long day of activities you can enjoy spa treatments at the hotel.

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Sarajevo, Bosnien och Hercegovina


Sarajevo is still a popular destination, but because the city is still outside the top 10 visited cities in Europe, it will get a place on our alternate list. Bosnia’s capital city is incredibly beautiful and welcoming.

Sarajevo’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well worth a visit. In the evening there is a lively nightlife available with many bars and restaurants serving good drinks and food at low prices.


Guest house Haivat – A small and cozy hotel in the heart of Sarajevo, within walking distance of Old Town and many other attractions. The price also includes free bikes and Wi-Fi. This accommodation is very affordable and ideal for a weekend trip to Sarajevo. The staff are friendly and happy to help with its solid knowledge of their hometown.

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Sofia, Bulgaria


Bulgaria’s capital is often forgotten, which is a shame because the city offers stunning architecture and culture. This is one of Europe’s most affordable destinations and a city that everyone should visit sometime.

Here are Roman ruins, Byzantine churches, mineral springs and a wide selection of cafés and restaurants. In Sofia, you can also go on a free walking tour that takes you around the city of pearls. The tour is run by young and passionate people who love their hometown.


Central Hotel Forum – Budget in luxury packaging is a good description of this central and affordable hotel. It has a spa, sauna and gym. Rooms are compact with comfortable beds. All this from as low as 25 USD per night per room. A perfect option for exploring the city, while having a good and cheap accommodation in central Sofia. Free Wi-Fi access included in the price.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia


Slovenia’s capital is a quiet and beautiful city with friendly locals, good food and cheap prices. The old town is full of medieval buildings and small shops, cafes and cozy restaurants.

It’s very romantic to walk around the river, especially over the bridges with the “love-locks”. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed, which makes Ljubljana a perfect weekend get away when you want to flee from the stress back at home.

In Ljubljana is also an opera house, several museums and numerous attractions, including the wonderful Ljubljana castle. On Saturdays there is a lively market in downtown and every Sunday held a large flea market, perfect for some unique finds at the weekend trip. Do not forget to visit the chocolate shop – Moja Čokolada.


Grand Hotel Union – A landmark hotel in central Ljubljana, which offers great service, spa and massage facilities and free Wi-Fi and breakfast. The Grand Hotel is the perfect starting point for a weekend trip to Ljubljana. From here you can walk to most of the city’s attractions, restaurants and bars.

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Bologna, Italy


Bologna is a beautiful city in northern Italy that is often overlooked in favor of cities like Milan, Rome, and Venice. If you’ve visited these already; you should take a look at Bologna.

The city is a famous university town and is known for its lively nightlife and numerous cafes and restaurants. The atmosphere in the city is harmonious, but still lively thanks to all the students. Enjoy good food, good wines, and a genuine Italian university.


Hotel Internazionale – Located in the historic center, near the Neptune Fountain and city art museum. The hotel and the staff offer a great standard and both breakfast and Wi-Fi included in the price. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds.

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Montpellier, France


Pleasant climate, great beaches, shopping, salsa, night clubs, and bars are just a few of the reasons to pack your bags and go on a weekend trip to Montpellier. Have you already visited Paris and Nice, and is looking for a weekend trip to wonderful France, you should definitely go to Montpellier.


Grand Hôtel du Midi Châteaux & Hôtels Collection – An incredibly charming hotel in the heart of Montpellier’s city center. The rooms are modern and spacious with free Wi-Fi. Location is the ultimate for exploring the city and the staff is friendly and happy to help with tours and recommendations.

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Granada, Spain


Been to Barcelona and Madrid? Then take a look at the wonderful Granada with magnificent Alhambra, a large palace and castle area overlooking the beautiful Sierra Nevada.

The city is lively and offers both culture and history, and we must not forget all the cozy cafes and restaurants located throughout the city. Also make sure to visit El Bañuelo, which is an Arabic bath. The price level is lower than in Barcelona and Madrid, both in terms of hotels and entertainment.


Saray Hotel – 4-star hotel with an outdoor pool in a quiet area of central Granada, close to many attractions, including the Alhambra. Saray Hotel is incredibly affordable and holding despite its low price a high standard of service oriented staff. Free Wi-Fi access included in the price.

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Thessaloniki, Greece


When one thinks of Greece, Crete, Rhodes, Samos and several other Greek islands often come to mind. However, Thessaloniki is very popular among the Greeks themselves during the summer months.

The lively city has many restaurants, cafes, and bars. Thessaloniki also has a stunning architecture with “the white tower” as the prime symbol. Those seeking sun and heat will not be disappointed, there are lovely beaches and the climate is pleasant all year round. Thessaloniki is an authentic Greek holiday.


Colors Ladadika Central – A small and simple hotel in the heart of the city, close to several attractions, bars, and restaurants. This accommodation is very affordable and has everything needed for a weekend trip. The staff is friendly and happy to help with tips and recommendations.

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Wroclaw, Poland


Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland and offers both culture and nightlife. The city is also less touristy than the classic Warsaw and here you get a more authentic experience of Poland. There is a free tour that takes you to the city’s best attractions. Don’t forget to visit the old town, which is both charming and cozy.


Sofitel Wroclaw Old Town – Located in the old town with everything one could wish for a successful weekend trip. The rooms are great and nicely furnished with comfortable beds. After a day of walking and activities, you can relax in the hot tub or enjoy a spa treatment. Free Wi-Fi. The staff is top class and always makes sure that all the guests are happy and satisfied.

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Alghero, Italy


Sardinia is sometimes called the “Caribbean of Europe” due to its wonderful, white beaches. Alghero is no exception and more people are discovering this pearl of the Mediterranean.

Enjoy the tranquility and the real Sardinia with paradise beaches and good food. It’s easy to relax here, making it an excellent weekend destination to get away from the hustle and bustle. In the area around Alghero, one could also enjoy some wonderful and untouched nature.


El Faro Hotel – The hotel is located on the outskirts of Alghero but is absolutely amazing. El Faro has an idyllic location close to nature with its own beach. The hotel also has a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a fitness facility. The suites are large and spacious with modern furnishings and super comfortable beds.

Everything at El Faro Hotel is great, the only drawback is that the location is a bit outside, but this is easily solved by renting a car or taxi. We heartily recommend this hotel as it gives the chance to discover the real Sardinia at a ridiculously low price compared to other hotels in Alghero.

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