9 signs that you should quit your job and travel around the world

1. Your job sucks

You hate your job, and frankly – It sucks to go to work. You hate to wake up every morning and drag your lifeless body to work. Maybe you liked your job one time, but now are you most tired all the time. You do not feel sufficiently appreciated, and you have begun to disturb you at several different things or people at work. Even worse is that your colleagues go behind your back and talk shit about everyone and if that wasn’t enough, your boss is an a**hole, It feels like it will soon break for you, either you will go into the wall, or you’ll get a real outbreak.

Hate my shitty job

2. You are tired of the routine

These eternal routines – work 9 to 5, f*** It’s Monday again, may it be weekend soon.. TGIF and last but not least, how can it be Sunday already? Should I have to wait a whole f****** week until it’s the weekend again … Most of all, you get tired of that it’s always the same things happening, never anything new. The colleague’s whine about the same problems, the same tasks, etc.. the highlight of the week is Friday or going out and partying at a club that you already been to 50 eleven times.

3. You are looking for happiness and wonder what is the meaning of life

Your job has started to feel useless and deep inside you feel that you have wasted years of your life, quite unnecessarily. So far you’ve only been running around in the hamster wheel and been a slave in the capitalist world. “Why did I do it?” “Sure, I have been able to buy the latest mobile phone, a large television, car and much more, but there is something missing.” You struggle with trying to find happiness and wonder what the meaning of life really is.

4. You need a break

You feel that you need a break, especially from work, perhaps from responsibility, but certainly not from life. You want to find the joy and passion in life again. Your job and all the procedures have displaced your soul, and you hardly recognize yourself anymore. You breathe, but it was a long time ago that you felt alive for real.

Time out

5. You are dying for adventure

Inside you are longing for an epic adventure. You know it’s there, and you feel how the desire for new adventures creeps into the body while whispering – “come on what are you waiting for?”. You feel that it is time to do something crazy and different – climbing a mountain, bungee jumping, exploring a rainforest or why not go to a new place and meet some new people.

6. You’re jealous of your friends’ trips

Every time any of your friends have posted pictures of airline tickets, tours and exotic trips on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll feel the jealousy creeping up from below. Even if you know that you shouldn’t be jealous of others, you can’t prevent it. You’re thinking – “This should have been me, why can’t I be there.”

Iguazu fallsFoto: Murad Osmann

7. You have conceived the idea of traveling around the world

The idea to travel around the world makes your heart beat faster. This is something that you have thought of several times. You have fantasized and dreamed yourself away to that beautiful waterfall, that cool building, the rain forest and to exotic dishes and places that you only otherwise get to see on television.

You want to go to all these places but thinks that there are too many obstacles and that it’s not possible. Guess again, the only thing really holding you back, is yourself, everything else will work it out, if you want.

8. You have enough money in the bank

Although it is possible to travel the world on a low budget, you need a starting capital. It can be as low as 1000 dollars. If you have money in the bank and feel you want to travel, why should anyone/anything stop you then? One should perhaps not go go with zero money, even if they are many who done it and succeeded.

If you don’t have enough money, you can live cheaply and save money for a couple of months. You have only one life, and unfortunately, we do not know when it ends. If you take the future for granted maybe you miss life, so live in this moment!

9. None of the above reasons

Who said that you even have to have a reason to quit your job and travel the world? It’s your life, and you don’t have to have any reason to travel. Our planet is fantastic, and there is so much to see and explore around the world.

In the mood for travel or travel around the world? Just do it! Let nothing stop you, the only thing that will hold you back in the end, is yourself. And the only one that will feel sorry, is you!.

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