Top 10 Things to Do in Taipei

Are you traveling to Taipei? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Taipei as a tourist!

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and one of the most popular destinations to visit along with Kaohsiung, Taroko National Park and Sun Moon Lake. And there are lots of interesting buildings, markets, temples and more that you can explore in Taipei. 

Even if you’re only staying for a layover in Taipei, there are plenty of time to discover the most important landmarks and eat at the best restaurants in the city. 

Pingxi Lantern Festival

Did you miss the lantern festival in Chiang Mai? Then we got great news for you! In Taipei you get the chance to experience a similar festival, but just as amazing as the one in Thailand.

The festival is usually held in mid-February, but sometimes it’s held in March. A must among the top things to do in Taipei is to experience when the thousands and thousands of lanterns are released into the air during this particular event.

Shilin Night Market

Stroll around the night market and taste all the local delicacies. Sit down and hang out with the locals while munching on tofu, oyster omelet, grilled chicken heart or octopus. End your visit to the market by drinking the traditional bubble tea.

Relax and Enjoy the Hot Springs

The hot springs of Beitou offer an enjoyable experience for both your body and soul. Beitou is in fact one of the most concentrated areas of hot springs and spas worldwide. You can easily get here via Metro in Taipei.

One of the best things to do in Taipei if you seek relaxation, and highly recommended to be included on your Taiwan itinerary.

Hike in Yangmingshan National Park

Escape the big city pulse and head to Yangmingshan National Park, located about 40 minutes from the central station in Taipei. There are many hiking trails around, and there are also excellent opportunities for climbing. Don’t miss to taste the Matcha ice cream while you’re here!

National Palace Museum

This fantastic museum is home to the largest collection of Chinese art. Here you’ll find many cool relics and crafts. Make sure to see the Buddhist artifacts.

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Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

This famous landmark was built in honor of Taiwan’s former president, Chiang Kai-Shek. This memorial includes a National Theatre and the beautiful National Concert Hall. If you visit the memorial during the evening, you get the chance to see the locals practice Tai Chi.

Climb the Long Dong

Go on a day trip to Long Dong, also known as the “Dragon Cave” thanks to the rock formations that are found here. Here you can climb 70-meter-high sandstone cliffs, and also, there are many excellent opportunities for snorkeling.


Around Taipei, there are several upscale shops, but Wufenpu is really the frosting on the cake. Wufenpu is an extensive outdoor market with everything from well-made shoes to cute dresses. Here you can also buy nice things for your beloved pets!

Xingtian Templet

Taiwan is primarily a Buddhist nation, and one of the temples that you shouldn’t miss to visit is the Taipei Xingtian Temple. The Taipei Xingtian Temple was dedicated to Guangong, the god of war and martial arts. Make sure to look for the auspicious oracle.

Visit Jiu Fei Old Street – Santorini of Taipei

The Greek island Santorini is famous all over the world for being a romantic destination. In Taipei, you can find a similar place with colorful houses in the mountains, with a fantastic view of the sea.

Jiu Fei Old Street is one of Taiwan’s most picturesque places and is well worth a visit when exploring Taipei. Definitely one of the top things to do in Taipei for couples!

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