Top 10 Things to do in Rhodes

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Are you traveling to Rhodes in Greece? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Rhodes as a tourist!


Lindos offers paradise beaches and a glimpse of ancient Greece. Here you can explore the famous Acropolis temple and several other ancient relics. If you want to swim Lindos has two stunning beaches.

Lindos has a long history, and the city is estimated to be over 4,000 years old. A visit to Lindos is one of the must things to do on Rhodes.

One can get here by boat, bus, and car/scooter.

Tsambika Beach

Tsambika is a golden beach, both in color and quality. The beach is great for everyone, including families. This long golden sandy beach is shallow with warm water. Tsambika has been spared from big hotels and resorts. The beach is a bit remote but is a must to visit if you like nice beaches.

Moreover, not many find their way here, which means that you always have a bit of paradise to yourself. On Tsambika beach are also two restaurants, a supermarket and pedal boats that can be rented. Above the beach on the mountain lies an old monastery.

The easiest way to get here is by rental car or a moped, or by bus. Taking a taxi here will cost about 30-40 euros.

Scandinavian bar street

The Scandinavian Bar Street in Rhodes also known as “Orfanidou Street” is located in Rhodes. Every year thousands of young party animals from Scandinavia come here to party, swim and sunbathe. Here, the party starts at around 11 (unless it’s theme party) and ends when the sun rises. On the bar street, there are several Scandinavian clubs such as The famous Grabbarna Grus, Pepe’s Bodega and Solsidan.

things to do on rhodes in greece

Old Town

This neighborhood is one of Europe’s best-preserved towns from the Middle Ages. Within the walls, you get the chance to go back in time and walk around among the cobbled streets and narrow alleyways.

Around the old town, there are many souvenir shops and restaurants. There are also remains of old buildings from the Middle Ages that one can explore. A visit to Rhodes is not complete without a visit to the Old Town.

Definitely one of the must things to do on Rhodes!


Faliraki was formerly a real party mecca. In recent years, it continues to be so, but only for the British and the Russians. We would, however, want to recommend instead the nice beach and the water activities and sports that are the largest range of Rhodes!

It is also here in Faliraki where the famous waterpark is located. In addition to this, there are many souvenir shops, an amusement park and a lot of restaurants.

Anthony Quinn Bay

Do you want to sunbathe and swim in a real paradise bay? Then you should go to Anthony Quinn Bay. The beach is located on the east coast, about four kilometers south of Faliraki. Here you get peace and quiet, and you won’t encounter any pesky salespeople who go on the beach in Rhodes.

Best way to get here is by car or moped, but also local bus goes here.

Valley of the Butterflies

Valley of the Butterflies on Rhodes is the most popular natural tourist attraction. Here you can experience a green and beautiful scenery while you get to see thousands of beautiful butterflies. Nature around is amazing as well, and if you like to hike, you should definitely plan a trip here.

Faliraki Water Park

Rhodes water park is one of Europe’s largest water parks and is suitable for both large and small. From Rhodes town, there are daily free buses that go all the way to the waterpark. Taxi costs about 30 euros. One can also rent a moped or car and drive there on your own.

One of the must things to do on Rhodes if you bring your kids.


This beautiful mountain village is situated on the southwestern part of Rhodes. It’s a bit far to get here, but if you want to experience the real Greece, the trip is worth making. The views are stunning from the mountain. There are also several local honey producers and winemakers. You can also try a vodka-like drink called Souma.

The atmosphere in Sianna is quiet and cozy.

Take the ferry to Marmaris

Only 50 minutes away from Rhodes is the Turkish village of Marmaris. If you stand on the beach in Rhodes, you can see Marmaris far away in the horizon. The ferries run daily, and you can decide for yourself if you want to stay overnight or go back 5 hours later the same day. In Marmaris, there are several cozy markets, Turkish cuisine, and nightlife.

Marmaris is very charming and if you have no other plans; we recommend that you go over by boat, at least on the day trip.

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