Top 10 Things to Do in Murcia

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Are you traveling to Murcia? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Murcia as a tourist!


Go back in time and visit the 2000-year-old port city of Cartagena. The city is still an important fishing town, and there’s also a naval base located here. The town has several historical relics from the Romans, and for those who are interested in history, culture, and architecture, a visit to Cartagena is a must.

Diving and Snorkeling

The opportunities for both diving and snorkeling in Murcia are excellent since there’s so much to discover. Here you’ll find ancient shipwrecks to an abundant marine wildlife. Around Murcia lies several diving schools and different tour centers that rent out equipment and organize both diving and snorkeling trips.

Catedral de Santa Maria

This beautiful cathedral was originally a mosque, but after Jaime I conquered the city, this mosque was rebuilt during the 1300s into a cathedral. Since then, they’ve built and remade several parts of the cathedral, which means that the church has a mixed style of architecture. The bell tower reaches a height of 90 meters and provides a breathtaking view of Murcia.

The Roman Theatre Museum

A beautiful and well-preserved Roman theater in Cartagena that’s well worth a visit during your stay in Murcia. Today it’s also a museum where you can behold several artifacts from the Roman period.

Lorca Castle (Castillo de Lorca)

A medieval fortress built between the 900s and 1500s. The castle had an important strategic position during clashes between Christians and Muslims during the Reconquista. The castle is about 640 meters long and 120 meters wide, making it one of Spain’s largest castles.

Ricote Valley (Valle de Ricote)

If you like nature and authentic villages, one should head to the Ricote Valley. Here lie eight small villages that make you reminded of Murcia’s Arab past. The area is lush, and here they produce a significant amount of both fruits and veggies. In the Ricote Valley awaits great hiking trails and a lovely experience of nature.

If you enjoy being out in nature, then this is one of the best things to do in Murcia for you.

Caravaca de la Cruz

Caravaca de la Cruz is sacred and a famous pilgrimage. Caravaca de la Cruz is one of the five holy cities that have been approved by the Vatican. Caravaca shares the title of being a holy city with Rome, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela and Santo Toribio de Liéban. This town got its name from a piece of wood in the shape of a cross that’s said to have been a part of the cross that Jesus was crucified on.

Isla del Fraile

Isla del Fraile is an unspoiled island east of Murcia. Dolphin watching is something that’s particularly popular on this island, making it one of the most popular things to do in Murcia. Otherwise, the seabed around the island one of the richest in marine life in the region. The island is today a protected natural area, perfect for both snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving.

Mar Menor

Mar Menor is a salt water lagoon located in Murcia and offers excellent opportunities for windsurfing and other water sports. The temperature of the water is around 17 degrees year round.

Mud Bath Las Charcas

Pamper yourself and go to the Mud Bath of Las Charcas. It’s free of charge to enter the bath, and although its many visitors that are coming here during high season, there’s still room for everyone. The mud bath is great for your skin and well-being. Don’t miss the chance to get a free beauty treatment while visiting Murcia.

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