Top 10 Things to Do in Malaga

Are you traveling to Malaga? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Malaga as a tourist!

Museo Picasso Malaga

Malaga is the birthplace of the painter Pablo Picasso, and therefore there’s also many things to do in Murcia in connection with the artist. Museum Picasso Museum is dedicated to the amazing artist after his desire to exhibit his art in the city.

The museum has an excellent number of collections and has more than 230 pieces of his work, which is a living tribute to eight decades of his art. Casa Natal Picasso’s birthplace is located in Plaza de Mercado and has been open to the public since 1988.

La Alcazaba

La Alcazaba is known as Malaga’s main historical landmark. The great Moorish fortress is located on top of a hill and has a fantastic view of Malaga City. The fort has an interesting history behind it and is ready to be explored by its visitors. Don’t miss the small archaeological museum, because here you can view Moorish ceramics exhibitions.

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga’s impressive cathedral is located among beautiful gardens and has a lovely patio where you feel the scent of orange trees. The cathedral was built between 1528 and 1782 and now stands on the site of a former mosque. The cathedral has a museum with a collection of religious objects covering a period of five centuries.

Mercado Central de Atarazanas

Stroll around and have a look at the stalls in Malaga Mercado Central de Atarazanas, located near Malaga’s old town. Here’s everything you need to cook a delicious Spanish meal. Fresh produce such as fish, seafood, meat, fruits, and veggies in abundance. Here you also can buy different kinds of spices and delicious olive oils.

Mercado Central de Atarazanas is a perfect place to eat a simple local meal, such as tapas along with a cold beer.

Malaga Beaches

Malaga is the capital of Costa del Sol province and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Malaga offers miles and miles long sandy beaches for you to relax on, where many of them are located along the famous Pablo Ruiz Picasso Promenade – also lined with bars and restaurants.

El Palo, La Caleta, and La Malagueta are just some of the many excellent beaches the city has to offer.

Teatro Romano

At the foot of the Alcazaba Fortress lies Malaga’s oldest monument, the Roman theater. The theater was discovered in 1951 when they built Casa de Cultura, which later was demolished to protect and preserve the theater. The theater was reopened to the public in 2011, and today it offers a variety of performances that are held under the open sky!

Teatro Romano is one of the best things to do in Malaga for those who love history.

Muelle Uno

Treat yourself with some shopping therapy at the outdoor center Muelle Uno. The mall is located on the coast of the city and has a fantastic view of the Quay One, located at the port of Malaga. Muelle Uno offers a variety of shops selling brands such as Lacoste, Diesel, Levis, and Timberland. It also has a good selection of restaurants if you get hungry or craving for something good while shopping.

La Concepión Botanic Garden

Malaga’s La Concepción Botanic Garden is considered one of the best and most beautiful botanical gardens in Europe. There’s a fantastic mix of birds and lush plants. The garden was created in mid-1800 by the aristocratic couple Jorge Loring and Amalia Heredia. Malaga City later purchased the park in 1994 and opened to the public. A visit to La Concepción Botanic Garden is a must among the things to do in Malaga to enjoy this soothing oasis of greenery.

Puerto de Malaga

Puerto de Malaga is a cozy place to have a stroll, with all its several bars, restaurants and shops that offer a lovely view of the sea. Along with the Port of Malaga, you can also buy tickets to organized boat trips that take you out at sea, around the harbor, and the bay. When you buy these tickets, make sure to go around and compare what the different companies offer, so you choose the best one. From the port, it’s easy to get into the city center and to Malagueta Beach.

Caminata por el Rio Chillar

If you like being outdoors and adventure, one must hike Caminata por el Rio Chillar. A 3-4 hour hike through water, rock walls, and the beautiful southern Spanish nature. To do this hike you have to have a good pair of shoes, at least 2 liters of water per person and a light meal. Along the way, several palm trees are providing shaded for you to rest and cool down.

One of the best things to do in Malaga if you enjoy being out in nature!

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