Top 10 Things to Do in Hamburg

Are you traveling to Hamburg? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Hamburg as a tourist!

Miniatur Wunderland

Do you want to know how it’s like to be a giant for a day? Then visit Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland. This cool miniature land is a must when visiting Hamburg. It’s suitable for all ages. Stroll around the many tiny worlds and have a look at the several trains that chug around, the planes that land and take off, and the incredible details!

Hamburg Free Walking Tours

Come along on a free walking tour that will get you to the city’s most famous sights and attractions. The talented guides are both informative and fun and will tell you lots of exciting history of the city. These tours are free of charge, but the guides appreciate a tip!

Town Hall

If you are interested in beautiful architecture and significant history, then it’s a must for you to visit Hamburg’s town hall. This beautiful building was built with both turrets and towers during the days when Hamburg was an important city for the world trade. Come here and look around on your own or take a guided tour through every room of the town hall.

Port of Hamburg

The harbor area of Hamburg is a cozy place to walk around, and there’s also plenty of restaurants, museums and many buildings with beautiful architecture. If it’s nice weather, you have to go on a boat trip and explore Hamburg from the sea.

Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen is a large and beautiful green oasis in the heart of Hamburg. Come and stroll through the beautiful gardens, feed the birds at the dams, or take a glass of wine at one of the outdoor terraces. A perfect place to relax an hour after a long day out on the town.


In the middle of the big city lies the large lake Alster. Alster is a popular attraction among both Hamburg locals and tourists. One of the most popular things is to go on a boat trip or go for a lovely walk around the lake. Along the lake, there’s also a lot of cozy cafes and restaurants that can be nice to visit to enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the beautiful view of the water.

Empire Riverside

Best view in Hamburg can be found in the rooftop bar located inside the Empire Riverside Hotel. From the bar, you get a great view of both the city, the port and the Elbe River. Come here and enjoy a couple of drinks and the best views in town!

One of the best things to do in Hamburg!

Church of St. Michael

St. Michael is a great and magnificent church located in the center of Hamburg. This church has an exciting history and is free to enter. If you want to go up in the tower, then you have to pay a small fee. Once up in the church tower you get awesome views of Hamburg that are worth every penny.


A legendary and a must to see among the top things to do in Hamburg. Since 1703, almost all trade have taken place here, in Hamburg’s most traditional market. Here one can find almost everything you need, with a vast selection of souvenirs, fruits, fresh fish, and veggies.

Fischmarkt is a perfect place to eat a good sandwich, have a cup of coffee and socialize with the Hamburg locals.


Reeperbahn is one of Europe’s best party streets. In the past, this was the place where all the sailors hung, and now it’s the place for all the world’s party animals. Today, the street has a great selection of nightclubs, trendy bars and a private “red light district” which is the streets erotic area.

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