Top 10 Things to Do in Athens

Greece is one of the world’s most cultural destinations, and of course, so is the capital Athens. Are you traveling to Athens? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Athens as a tourist!

Mt. Lycabettus

If you’re looking for to take great pictures in Athens, then you have to visit Mount Lycabettus. Here you get an incredible view of the city, the Acropolis and the boats outside Piraeus port. To get up the mountain, you can either take the cable car, a taxi, or hike up to the top.

Plaka – Old Town

Right in the center of Athens lies Plaka, the old quarters of the city. Plaka is a cozy neighborhood where there’s always hustle and bustle. Narrow alleys, small boutiques, street musicians, and flower stalls will you see everywhere you go. You’ll also find excellent restaurants, bars, and nightclubs here, which makes this place perfect for exploring the nightlife of Athens.


Acropolis is one of the most beautiful and famous monuments in Athens, and also one of the most popular things to do in Athens. Acropolis is situated on the top of a limestone mountain 150 meters above sea level, and today, you can come here to behold the historic temple ruins. It was here that the Greeks built temples to their gods. The Parthenon is one of the main temples of Acropolis since it was dedicated to the goddess Athena. In addition to the Parthenon, there are plenty of other relics from ancient Greece.

Below the Acropolis Hill lies an outdoor cinema showing both old and new movies. From this cinema, you get fantastic views of the floodlit temples on the top of the Acropolis Hill during the evenings. A fun and different experience and a movie only cost around 10 USD.

Akropolis Museum

Those who are interested in Athenian temples and history should head to the Acropolis Museum. Here you get a great historical view of Acropolis, especially of the Parthenon temple. This museum is cool and has a nice mix of modern and ancient Athens. At the top of the museum, there is a lovely terrace where you can enjoy a good meal or drink with a beautiful view.

One of the best things to do in Athens if you’re interested in the history of Greece!

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Agora is a fascinating place that you must visit while in Athens. Here there are many well-preserved ruins of temples and statues from ancient Greece. Hephaestus Temple is not to be missed, one of the best-preserved temples in Athens. Agora is an educational place that will show how it was like to live in Greece during the ancient times.

Funky Gourmet

Funky Gourmet is a fantastic restaurant with a Greek Fusion Cuisine. The food here is of the highest class and will make all your senses happy with its unique combinations of flavors and beautiful presentation. A visit to Funky Gourmet cannot go wrong since you get a great dining experience for your money in a friendly environment.

One of the best things to do in Athens if you love Greek food! You can also check this guide on what to eat in Athens.

Address13 Paramithias Street and Salaminos, Keramikos.


Kessariani is a beautiful and genuine Greek monastery situated outside Athens. Admission costs only 2 Euros and here you can both enjoy a beautiful view of the countryside and get a thrilling experience while learning about the Christianity in Greece. A great plus is that there are not as many tourists visiting this monastery, so one can walk around at their own pace and have a look.


About 20 kilometers outside Athens lies the popular suburb of Vouliagmeni. Vouliagmeni is one of Athens’s finer neighborhoods, and it’s here that Athens jet set people like to hang out. Luxury Hotels, beaches, yacht clubs, and beach clubs are something that there’s a lot of here. Just as it may sound with luxury boats, clubs, and beaches – it also costs.

Here you’ll also find the Vouliagmeni lake whose water comes from a hot spring said to have healing and healthful properties.

Plateia Kolonaki

Plateia Kolonaki is a little finer and richer district in Athens. Here lie several embassies, fancy schools and a lot of trendy shops. The area also has many good restaurants, cafés, and bars to enjoy good drinks and delicious meals.

Because the area is a little bit fancier, it also costs more, but many of the places here provide good value for the money you pay. Around Plateia Kolonaki one will also find several art galleries. The Benaki Museum is one museum that shows Greek art through the millennia.

Day Trip to the Islands of Athens

If you want to enjoy the coast of Athens, we recommend you to go on a day trip to one of the islands by boat. Several tour operators offer day trips to the islands of Athens. Two good and reliable organizers are Olympic Cruises and Sailing Athens.

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