10 Exercise tips when you’re traveling

Getting into training is a natural part of everyday life, but easier for some, difficult for others. Sometimes one might think when you are on vacation from the regular job, and you have more time and easier to get into a routine with training, but for many, it’s actually the other way around, it’s easier to get to the workout done while living the everyday life.

But how can we get training done when we’re on the road?

Here are some tips from the running coach Kenth Svensson, who also runs the blog Snabbafötter.se

Always pack with workout clothes

Some have probably left home with workout clothes in your bag and come back without using them, and it may feel sad and unnecessary dragging them on the trip if they are not used. True, but if you haven’t packed them it will probably result in no training, so the chance that you’ll exercise on the trip is, of course, a lot higher if you actually bring your workout clothes with you.

A little training is better than nothing

It’s easy for us compared to what we usually do when we are at home, where we might have a gym to go to, maybe we have the tools to use, where the sessions often are of a certain length of time, and so on. But little training is better than nothing at all, so even if you don’t have as much time or tools available, all you do is better than nothing.

Exercise before breakfast

When we’re on the road it’s much to get done and the days and evenings can be filled with activities, this is a matter even if we are on duty with the job. Try to schedule your workout before breakfast, then it’s already finished, and you can spend the rest of your day to doing other activities.

If you are not accustomed to exercising in the morning, it can also give you a little extra boost to do just that, plus others will be impressed by you.

Find a new routine or new training options

Finding a new routine, for example, to train in the morning if you’re not used to it, can often be easier when you’re on the road since you will be a bit more open to trying new ideas. On the journey, you may also take the opportunity to find new training options, you might give yourself a chance to become a little more mobile in 14 days, or similar small projects. There you are, in a hotel or resort, you may also be offered various training options, take the opportunity to try something you might not try at home.

Do not fear that you “can not,” there are certainly many others in the class in the same situation as yourself and really, it doesn’t matter, we are training for ourselves, and we have to start somewhere.

Use your own body as a tool

There are a possibility that you won’t have a lot of tools for working out. Find opportunities for training instead of excuses. Classic exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, skating jumps, plank, heel raises, and so on can always be done. Find a bunch of exercises, write them down and decide to run, for example, 30 seconds of each exercise, then replace the exercises and then run 2-3 laps, simple and time-efficient and can be done almost anywhere at any time.

Go on an exercise date

To determine an exercise date with someone is a classic tip and it can actually be done even when traveling. Maybe you have your partner nearby, or meet someone while doing activities? Perhaps you can vary as you lead your own composed workouts every other time? That way you both try some new, some new approaches, some new exercises.

Try the unexpected

At home, we have our routines and may not see opportunities even if they are there. But on the go, we are more open to new ideas, and maybe you can try something new and different that you would never do at home? Maybe you can try rock climbing, scuba diving, water aerobics, snowboarding or any local activity in the country you are in?

Join a competition

You can also join a competition, and it may also be the purpose of the trip and then maybe you want to perform, but otherwise one can see the training during the trip as a time to train a little differently, without structure, without requiring accomplishment. Train as part of the trip, as part of the experience.

Experience traveling through training

When we travel, we experience something, and this can be further enhanced through training. Lace your running shoes and get out and experience the city when it comes to life, rent a bike and cycle through your own sightseeing. Pack your backpack and head off on a hike outside of the touristy parts of the destination you’re on.

Documenting and sharing

Take the opportunity to capture images from your active holiday, and if you want, you can publish them in social media and give advice about activities at your destination. Here you can also take the opportunity to ask others for tips that might have been at the destination earlier.

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