Philippine Secrets

“Its more fun in the Philippines” is the official slogan of the Philippines.

We can only agree and confirm that the island of Southeast Asia is becoming more and more exciting every year. With Davao named one of the world’s safest cities, the Philippines is one of the most interesting and exciting destinations for 2016.

The problem? With 7000 islands there is a whole palette of dots on the map to explore and many times more people to meet. Therefore, to get the most out of your time, we have combined our own list.

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We list five experiences you should definitely not miss (alternatively, skip more about it further down …) after setting foot at the Puerto Princesa airport at Palawan, Francisco Bangoy in Davao or any of the more than 10 international airports in the Philippines. Now we travel!


The paradoxical eye group, including the province, houses a huge variety of adventures and sights. El Nido at the northern end of the main island offers small cozy islands, white beaches, and turquoise waters. The islands provide vibes of Thailand’s Koh Samui and Koh Samet’s 90’s; Quiet, undiscovered and a nice hospitality among the residents.

For those who want to see animals in the wild, there are a number of protected areas and national parks, including the UNESCO-labeled Tubbataha Atoll. There are also lots of great El Nido Resorts where you can relax and have a good time.

Another cool place to visit is the underground river in Puerto Princesa where you can learn more about the caves and go for a boat ride. It will be a fun adventure for the whole family. 

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In a country where you live on average less than $ 10 a day and the differences between poor and rich are enormously high, the need for volunteers and organized help for the poorest is a necessity. Volunteering is a natural way of getting local people close and understanding the culture and complex history of the Philippines. In addition, a volunteer trip is usually cheaper than a traditional holiday where you can drink drinks and spend time at a resort. In addition, you do a good deed, have fun and get memories for life!


Around the Philippines is diving and the marina in a class by itself, easily explored with regular snorkeling and cycling. Along the coast of Palawan, the sight is often very good and with the light of the sun it is easy to see fish and coral underwater. Do you prefer to travel on the water? Try a dinner out at sea in the evening sun. In some of these waters there is a luminous plankton that is visible during the dark hours of the day, a movement with your hand in the water and you get an answer!


The capital is also worth a visit and here you can experience a very local part of the Philippines rather than touristy places like Boracay. If you want to get to know the culture and experience some of the best Filipino food you should head to Manila. It’s a huge city, but luckily it’s easy to get around by Uber in Manila.


Duck fetus anyone? A specialty that, for understandable reasons, did not enter the international gastronomy, a well-kept secret simply! Despite this in our eyes weirdness, the Philippine cuisine has gained little attention. A rule of thumb is that the longer you get into the island, the more dominating becomes fish and shellfish in the food. It is also in this part of the kitchen Filipino glasses, fresh fish cooked locally is a delight for the palate, while useful. For vegetarians, there is a rich selection of fruits, nuts and even vegetables that can be cooked in a delicious mix of coconut oil and local spices.

Philippine mouse deer

If you get to look at this little scratch, you can be happy. With its unusual appearance and smooth racing, Tragulus nigricans are an odd and cool sight. However, it should be noted that in the south of the Philippines a prince must have been fooled by a mouse deer, also known as “Little Goat in the mouth of speach”, on a bag of gold and at the same time got angry bees. Today, the animal is found only on and around the Balabac Islands and is endangered.

Bubble on the list: “Jeepney”

Did you know that the vast majority of public buses used in rural areas are rebuilt American Willy’s Jeep World War II? To live them up, they have painted them in colorful combinations, no risk of losing when this bus rolls!


Another beautiful place is Bohol, which you can combine with the paradise island of Panglao. In Bohol, you can also see the chocolate hills and the super cute animal called Tarsier.

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