Discover Europe with a Motorhome

With a motorhome, you can travel just anywhere you want. You don’t have to book anything in advance, and you can change the itinerary whenever you want. That’s probably why we love to travel by motor home and have named our camper “Freedom.”

We have traveled with our mobile home on holidays and weekends for eight years, and over the past year, we have made a reality of our dream: to travel around Europe in a camper van for a whole year

Here we present some motorhome tips for those who also want to discover Europe with a motorhome.

A big advantage when traveling by RV is that you have with your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. You can stop and sleep when you need to, and you can always cook your own food. In this way, you are free, and you also have the option to hold down costs. Another advantage is that you don’t just end up on a single destination, which happens easily when traveling by charter or flight. Instead, you are free to travel around and experience all the little-undiscovered pearls which lie between the major tourist destinations.

When we visited Sardinia in July this year, we found, for example, a kilometer-long sandy beach where we were almost alone for several days. The more we travel by motorhome, the more we realize that you only get to these places if you are traveling by camper or camping in tents.

What is it like to travel in a motorhome?

When traveling with an RV, you already have with you everything you need, so you have many different options where to stay overnight. If you want a little more comfort, you can take in at a campground, where you often can find all services including Wi-Fi.

You can also choose to stay overnight on the so-called “pitches,” which is simpler and cheaper accommodation places for mobile homes, or you can choose to “free camp,” meaning that you’ll stay in a parking lot or out in nature.

There are lots of places to stay overnight, and there are plenty of catalogs, apps and online forums that lists lodging places for campers. Another good tip is to join any club or camper Facebook Group – where you can always ask your questions and get help from more experienced motorhome travelers. People traveling by camper like to help each other!

6 exciting places to visit in Europe with a motorhome

Of course, you can travel virtually anywhere with a mobile home, and one of the many perks are that you can easily stop by the hidden gems in Europe. Most campers go to Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. We’d like to recommend some destinations we experienced during our travels in Europe, and that we think is particularly amazing:

  • Poland – Poland is an underrated but incredibly lovely country, which also is close to Sweden. You can take the ferry from Nynashamn, Ystad, and Karlskrona. The sandy beaches along the Baltic Sea coast are long; there are plenty of campsites and cost is half of the ones in Sweden.
  • Normandy and Brittany in France – Normandy, and Brittany are for you who want to see breathtaking scenery, war monuments and landmarks such as Mont St. Michel, the monastery of the seas. Additionally, you can eat great seafood here! Of course, there are campsites, but also many automatic pitches where you pay with coins or tokens.
  • Gorge du Verdon in France – The gorge of the River Verdon has been called “Europe’s Grand Canyon, ” and the road around goes along dizzying precipices with great views. It is possible to drive your motorhome, but if you want to avoid too many meetings on mountain roads, you can choose to come here during the off-season.
  • Corsica – The French island of Corsica is perhaps the most beautiful place we visited in Europe. The water at the tiny beaches is turquoise and completely crystal clear. Most fascinating is still that nature is so wild and untouched. You can drive a long time and just see the forest, sea, and birds of prey, but not a single house.
  • Albania – The relatively poor country was a positive surprise! The scenery is dramatic with high mountains, beautiful lakes and nice small beaches along the coastline. The people are the most generous and hospitable we met throughout Europe. Campsites can sometimes be relatively simple, but you always get good service, and the prices are very low.
  • Croatia – Croatia has a long and magically beautiful coastline, perfect to discover the camper. The roads are fine; there are plenty of campsites and lots of charming towns to stroll around in. If you want you can bring the motor home on the ferries out to the various islands in the Croatian archipelago.

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