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Uber is the company that quickly entered the “taxi market” around the world. Uber launched its service back in 2009 and has largely been debated ever since.

However, there are a lot of places in the world where Uber is still growing, and if you’ve never heard of it, you will now get the chance to discover Uber!

What is Uber and why should you use it?

Uber is a company that collects drivers in different cars of different standards. The drivers are offering to drive to the prices that Uber has set, which is often lower than the traditional taxi prices. The drivers also bind themselves to follow Uber’s etiquette, which means that a driver can never cheat their passengers.

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You’re ordering the journey through the app and then mark on the map where you want to be picked up. Either use the built-in GPS to be picked up at your exact location, or choose a self-chosen pickup location. Then you get to choose what kind of car you want to go with. There are different standards on cars, but the cheapest variant is called UberX or UberPoP.

The other varieties are a little more expensive with fancier cars. If you are more than 4 people, there are also options to choose a bigger car. You also mark where you want to go, either by pointing out the place on the map or enter the name of a hotel or address.

After selecting the type of car and keyed in the pickup location and drop-off place, one can calculate an approximate price. Then you get to know within what price range that the trip will be.

The trip is automatically charged from the card associated with your account. It handles, therefore, no cash and you do not have to worry that the driver will ask for a different price than agreed. When you arrive at the destination, you just have to walk out of the car.

Uber is really super smooth, and in some cities, it is also much cheaper to travel by Uber than to ride than an ordinary taxi. Read our article on 10 cities where Uber is superior to good use.

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