10 cities where Uber is ridicously better than taxi

Uber is spreading to more and more cities around about the world. Here is a list of 10 cities where you really should use-Uber, because it is by far better compared to regular taxis.

1. Hanoi

Most people’s first impression of Hanoi is shock and chaos with mopeds and cars just about everywhere. Certainly, it is some sort of organized chaos as incursions into the streets of Hanoi, but for us others it takes about a day or two before you get accustomed to it. Hanoi is additionally notorious for its taxi drivers trying to lure tourists and make them pay more than it really costs. Uber do the opposite and often is as cheap as a third of the price you have to pay for a regular taxi. Moreover, you don’t have to negotiate with the driver because the price is already fixed through Uber.

2. San Francisco

It was here it all began in 2009, so it should come as no surprise that Uber have a large majority of passenger traffic in the city. It is estimated that the number of taxis has disappeared by about 65% since Ubers got into the market. Nowadays Uber is so common that most locals mean an Uber when they say they’re about to go with a regular taxi in San Francisco.

3. Sydney

Short Waiting time, Cheap and convenient, so why not take a Uber when you are digging in Sydney? Uber drivers in Sydney are known to have nice cars and to be tourist friendly in that they recommend restaurants and sights in the city, for free! Another plus is of course that Uber is cheaper than regular taxi in Sydney.

4. Mexico City

Uber in Mexico City is great, and very convenient to get around. It’s a big city, so as a tourist it’s easy and hassle free to get an uber instead of finding a trustworthy local taxi driver. They are much cheaper as well.

5. Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, Uber is cheap and easy to use. It is much cheaper than regular taxis, and it is considerably more efficient and smoother than public transport. Uber is your friend when you need to get around in Los Angeles in a cheap and good way. Sign up through this link to get a free ride worth approximately 6 dollars.

Sign up through this link to get a free ride worth approximately 6 dollars.

6. Toronto

Smoother and again cheaper than regular taxis. Uber is superior to use in Toronto, so start as soon as you arrive at the airport and save money.

7. New York

In New York, Uber might not be the cheapest, but it is absolutely by the best value taxis in New York. Many of the classic yellow taxis have poor standard, or you have to share a taxi with someone else to arrive. And if that’s not a problem, it’s nice to vary at times and get proper service with Uber.

8. Lima

In Lima, plenty of taxi drivers are trying to lure tourists, and there have been cases with robbery and similar situations where tourists went with an Unofficial taxi. Therefore Uber is superior to use in Lima since you do not have to worry about the car being official or not and what price you will pay.

9. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Just as in Hanoi traffic is chaotic with scooters and other means of transport everywhere. Taxis are overpriced, and moped taxis are additionally notorious for cheating tourists. Therefore Uber is better to use in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The price is also less expensive than regular taxis, and the journey is guaranteed to be safer and more pleasant.

10. Chicago, USA

Chicago has long been the cheapest city in the United States when it comes to Uber. In Chicago, the weather can change quickly and then it’s nice to have an app to book through instead of having to stand in the rain and wait for a taxi.

Sign up through this link to get a free ride worth approximately 6 dollars.

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