Spoil yourself with a Weekend trip to Dubai

Dubai is an exciting destination that offers an interesting cultural experience mixed with luxury and glamor. There are plenty of 5-star hotels with the best service you can imagine. If it’s not enough with 5 stars, Dubai is also home to the world’s only 7-star hotel, but you can also experience Dubai on a budget.

In Dubai, there is something to do for all ages and interests. It does not matter if you want fast-paced days with activities or a long night of celebration and glamor, or simply just stroll around the souk (marketplace) and admire all the amazing architecture found in the city.

Additionally, if you’re staying for a few days longer, there are a bunch of exciting day trips from Dubai that you can make! Some examples include Abu Dhabi and the Grand Mosque. 

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It’s easy to be seduced by this grand city, and nowadays, it is both easy and cheap to get there. The range is getting bigger every season going, and now you can choose between both charter trips or it book on your own. Direct flights are available from Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo with departures several days a week. Hotels are available in all price ranges, and thus there is something for the budget traveler as well as for the jet-setters.

Dubai can also be combined with other destinations and works perfectly as a stopover on the way to Asia or Africa. There are namely cheap flights to both continents from Dubai, especially to Zanzibar and Ethiopia in Africa and India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives in Asia.

The combination can be made either on the way there or on the way home. It is possible to stay over a few days and time into the flight a few days later after they have arrived in Dubai. Even Weekend Getaways here is popular, and it need not cost much. There are enough things to do during a whole weekend, but it’s easy to catch the “most important” in just a few days.

For those who are looking for luxury, there are plenty of things to do and spas to pamper yourself. Dubai’s spas are very glamorous and offer some of the finest and best treatments in the world. So, what will such a party cost? Not too much.

But beyond the luxury, you can also get to know the real Dubai.

Prices in Dubai for spa treatments are even lower than at home in Sweden, despite the fact that you usually get better service and higher standard. However, it is a bit more expensive than traditional spa cities as Tallinn, Riga, Budapest, Gdansk, and Warsaw, but it is still definitely worth going to Dubai to go to the spa. There is also the feeling of doing it in a country where everything is so luxurious and glamorous.

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