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Direct flights from Luleå to Jamaica and Mauritius

Direct flights from Luleå to Jamaica and Mauritius

Next winter, it will be possible to fly directly from Luleå to Jamaica and Mauritius. It’s the charter company Fritidsresor that will offer these two new destinations from Luleå Airport.

Both destinations are relatively new compared to traditional destinations like the Canary Islands but are becoming increasingly popular and it’s not surprising given how beautiful it is in both Jamaica and Mauritius.

– Kilometer long white beaches, a wide range of hotels for adults and families, as well as Scandinavian kids clubs make the paradise islands of Mauritius and Jamaica the ideal destination, says Mathias Bergendahl, Communications Director at Fritidsresor.

Mauritius can certainly be described as a paradise on earth. The island is full of plants and nature. Here you are greeted by a colorful mix of India, Africa and France, spelled “Creole”. To go to Mauritius is suitable for both Couple on vacation and family vacation. The island offers many romantic places and excursions along with hotels that are designed for romance.

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For those who travel with their family, there are special family hotels one can book, where there are children’s clubs and a variety of activities designed for children and families.

Although Jamaica is a wonderful destination with its paradise beaches, nature, and exciting culture. Reggae is a big part of the culture of Jamaica and many of the greatest artists come from here, including the legend Bob Marley.

The atmosphere in Jamaica is very relaxed, making it an ideal destination to enjoy and just relax for a week or two. If you stay two weeks there is usually an opportunity to stay in two different hotels and thus get to experience a little more of Jamaica.

In Jamaica, Fritidsresor offers resorts in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril. Among the 16 hotels are Couples hotel, Grand Beach, De Luxe and Blue Star family hotel, all directly on the beach.

Leisure Travel already offers trips to Mauritius and Jamaica from Stockholm, Arlanda, and Copenhagen Kastrup. From next winter one can also travel directly from Luleå Airport.

Another tour operator flying to Mauritius and Jamaica is the charter company Vingresor, with departures from Gothenburg and Stockholm. From Stockholm, Arlanda, Apollo also arranges trips to Mauritius.