There are lots of different accommodations to choose from when you travel. The most common ones are Hotels or Hostels. If you want to see the top hotels in each country click on the hotel image below, and click on the hostel image if you want to see a list of the best hostels in each country.

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Also read our big guide about which is the best website for booking hotel rooms.

Alternative Accommodation on your trip

Rent an apartment

To rent an apartment on the trip is the most common and trendiest form of accommodation besides regular hotels and hostels. And it does come with a lot of benefits. Most of the time it’s cheaper to rent an apartment than staying in a hotel. With an apartment you’ll also get access to private kitchen, where you can cook food and save some more money. Wi-Fi is also often included in the price. AirBnB is one of our favorite websites to find cheap accommodation abroad.

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The concept started with people lending their sofa to other travelers. But nowadays it can be everything from a whole room, a sofa, a bed or just a space where you can have your stuff. The best about couchsurfing is that it’s totally free. There are even travelers who travel around the world without paying a dime for accommodation by using couchsurfing. But it’s not all green and gold of course. You do have to share the space with a total stranger, but you can read reviews from previous guests to make sure that you won’t end up with a creep.

We think that Couchsurfing is a fun and adventurous way to find accommodation. Most hosts are very social and will gladly show their guests around town. Read more at


You might have heard about WWOOF before, and it’s actually a great way to find both work and accommodation abroad. The concept is that you trade your labour for food and accommodation, thus reducing your costs of traveling. At some places you also receive a pay on top of free accommodation and food. The assignments can be anything from cleaning toilets to keep everything clean at farms, or picking fruits, vegetables and so on.

It’s a good and smooth way to travel the world without savings. You’ll also get the chance to hang out with the locals and meet other travelers who do the same thing as you. Another great thing about WWOOF, you don’t need any pre-skills to do it. Everything you need to know will be taught there or you just do your best and that will due.

However, this isn’t something for the traveler who just want to stick around a few days. Most hosts want their guests to stay at least a couple of weeks.

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The type of accommodation when doing farm stay will differ from place to place, but you’ll stay at some type of a farm. At some places you’ll get your own bathroom, room or barn and at some places you’ll share everything with the family and have a private room or share with other guests. Farmstay is kind of similar to Bed & Breakfasts, and it can be a nice and cheap way to travel.

At some places, you can also trade your labor for free accommodation and food. Similar to WWOOFING.


This type of accommodation is common in Central and South America, but it’s getting more attention worldwide as well. At a homestay you get the chance to stay with a local family and learn more about the culture. You’ll also get to eat the local dishes and experience an authentic trip with the locals. The price will vary, but if you’re flexible it’s possible to find cheaper rates than hotels.

Another good aspect is that you’re supporting the local community by staying with a local instead of supporting the big hotel chains.

House & Pet sitting

Watch someone else’s house or pets while they are gone. In exchange, you will get free accommodation, access to a kitchen and the opportunity to live like the locals. Read also our beginners guide to House sitting.

Religious accommodations

Stay at a monastery or other religious accommodations. Breakfast is usually included and besides a quite rustic and spartan experience, one could also save some money.

Home Exchange

Exactly what it sounds like. You exchange your home with someone else’s home for a limited time. This will of course require that you have your own house or apartment to exchange with. It’s a growing trend and the security is high on the biggest websites, and the users are being interviewed and verified in several ways, just to make sure that you won’t end up with someone who’ll destroy your house.

You can also have contact with the family/person you want to exchange with before you actually do it.