House sitting

Stay free by watching someone else’s house while the owners are away. House Sitting – A cheap and original way to explore the world on. Save thousands of dollars on accommodation and take the chance to live like the locals.

What is house sitting?

House sitting is an international concept that involves suit someone else’s house (usually even pets) while the owners are traveling. The range and potential is greatest in North America, Europe and Australia, but also in South America, Central America, Asia and Africa. This is a growing trend in many places in the world and show up in more and more places.

House sitting is not something to suit everyone, but if the following apply to you, we recommend to consider the alternative:

  • You are curious about other cultures
  • You like to travel and want to experience the authentic
  • You are responsible and like animals
  • Are willing to stay in the same place no / few months
  • You would rather put money on activities and more than expensive hotels
  • Most house sitting jobs means apart from the home sitting itself, also often includes one or more pets. Therefore, it is an advantage if you like animals, especially dogs and cats. Some huspassningsjobb also means that you
  • are expected to take care of the garden and other household-related tasks.

In return you get to stay for free in a real home. Here are additional money to be saved by allowing people to do all the cooking at home. In those cases, all bills paid, such as: water, electricity and heat, but sometimes you want the owner to be responsible for these costs yourself. Usually includes the Internet.

There are several websites that list vacancies huspassningsjobb. We subscribe and currently uses only three of them. You can see the job adverts without being a member, but must be a member to apply for a huspassningsjobb. These websites are user-friendly and has the largest range. – $ 79 / year
The functionality of the site is one of the best, and is the site with the largest selection of huspassningsjobb. The price may seem a bit high, but is totally worth it if you’re serious. – $ 20 / year
This website is easy to use and allows for house sitting for a low membership fee. Although it does not list as many deals as the other two, so this could be a good start. – $ 50 / year
Housecarers have a big network of homeowners and we know several members who have been contacted personally by their profile has been good. The website is easy to use and there are many offers around the world. It is also possible to do a test account before upgrading to a full paying member.

The opportunity is out there and is increasing every day. The only thing you need to do is become a member of any of the above websites and create a good profile. After that, just look for interesting places to suit the house and send off your application.

Housesitting mountain

Tips for success in finding house sitting jobs

Spend a little extra time to make a good profile

Once you become a member, your profile is your face towards the homeowners. Make sure to leave out pertinent information. If you have a website or anything else, please link to it. Remember that the profile is the first impression homeowners get by you. Make it stand out, and make a good impression!

Subscribe to offers via email

Some destinations and houses are more popular than others, and many times you have to be among the first applicants. Therefore, it is an advantage if you subscribe to new offers by email.

Enter your credentials

Because you are a stranger in the homeowner’s eyes, it is important to have references. Be prepared to have someone who can testify that you are a suitable candidate, and what kind of person you are. Have you never watched a house before? No problem, use the former employer, friends or anyone else who can testify that you’re an OK person. If the house-sitting include animals, it can be good to have someone who can testify that you like animals and take good care of them.

Remember – This is a win-win situation

It is easy to forget that you actually do home owners a favor by watching their houses and animals. Never forget this and be sure that you will know what to expect before you accept anything. Also ensure that your requirements will be met by the owners. (Your own requirements should obviously be reasonable).

House-sitting offers many times something that you would not otherwise get to experience. A lot of houses that are listed are very nice houses, some located in a real paradise. How long to you have to watch someone’s house can vary from a weekend or a week to as long as a year.

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