7 Scientific Facts Proving that Traveling Makes You a Better Person

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Here are seven scientific facts proving that everyone should travel more. Traveling makes you a better person, especially during long trips. It’s the American site BuzzFeed who has compiled seven scientific facts that show how travelers (usually under longer trips, but also shorter) transforms you into a better person.

1. You increase your trust in the world and other people

In a study published in “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,”  researchers were able to determine that individuals who have lived, studied or worked abroad had a greater hope for humanity. The reason is that people who studied, worked or lived abroad have met and come close to other cultures than people who only stay in the same place. In turn, this leads to a better trust in other people.

– The more foreign countries a person is traveling to, the greater their trust gets in general, says William Maddux, one of the study’s authors.

2. You become more creative

A recently published study showed that people who worked or resided abroad had a better imagination and were more inspired than others. Why? It’s all about cultural differences that open up new perspectives.

Maddux also says that “People who integrate a new culture into their identities are more creative in the long run.” When you do the same things as the locals for a longer period, you start to think in a new perspective, which brings us to point number 3.

3. You solve problems better than normal

In another study, by the same researchers, some people got to solve a variety of computer-based tasks. The study showed that the problem-solving ability increased the longer a person had lived or studied abroad.

If you’re staying in one or several countries for a long time, you’re forced to find solutions to problems that arise, especially when the culture and the bureaucracy don’t work the same way as home. Even though that not all problems are particularly complex, you get to practice all the time to solve problems and find solutions to it.

4. You become a more humble person

The same study that showed a direct relationship between problem-solving and how long they lived abroad, was also able to demonstrate a connection to people who lived, studied or worked abroad that they also had become more humble persons.

That traveling makes you a better person is maybe not something new to you, but now it’s also confirmed on a scientific level. When you travel you get a new perspective on the world, expanding comfort zones and you get to see how other people live differently from what you’ve learned so far.

5. You become more clever

That you feel much better getting out in nature isn’t something new, and several studies prove this right. But nature’s beneficial effects appear to be stronger than they previously had in theory.

According to a study that recently was published in the scientific journal, Environmental Psychology, researchers noticed that our focus and performance improved just by looking at a natural image for 40 seconds! How cool is that?

This is perhaps something that more employers should pay attention to. Nature makes us harmonious, making it easier to focus and perform, instead of the daily stress that impairs our health drastically.

6. Foreign experience gives you better salary

Employers in generally appreciate people who have volunteered, worked or lived abroad more than people who only have lived and studied in the same country. When companies are sitting and looking through CVs, foreign experiences are something that gets most people’s attention.

A Swedish study, published in 2011, examined the differences in income between people who studied abroad and those who only studied in Sweden. The result was that those with overseas experience had significantly higher salaries. A comment from the study’s authors is saying that the reason may be, that students abroad, in general, have a higher motivation and that they’re more enterprising than people who don’t travel.

7. You become a happier person

One of the absolute best things about traveling is that travels make us happier. Experiences and memories bring more happiness than material things. Many people probably already know this from own experiences, but now scientists have stated that it’s a true fact (study).

It’s always easier and more fun to wake up in the morning if you have something to look forward to.

So, what do we take with with us today from these scientific facts about that we should travel more?

  • You become more humble
  • You become more creative
  • You will be happier with experiences than material things
  • You will improve your problem-solving ability
  • You become more clever
  • You increase your trust in other people and the world
  • You get a better salary

Conclusion – book more trips and travel more, we only have one life and we must make the most out of it! Traveling makes you a better person!

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