50 ways to make money and travel the world at the same time

Have you ever wondered, “Is it possible to make money and travel at the same time ?, or” How will I cope financially ?, or perhaps “How will I be able to travel when I do not have so much money?”

There are many think about these questions, so chances are pretty high that you also have thought about this or something similar sometime. Fortunately, we will give you 50 ways that give you the opportunity to earn money while you travel the globe.

It is usually much easier than you think and steps out into the world don’t need to be as extensive as you have imagined. Often it is only you that will stop you from pursuing your dreams of discovering the world and travel around the world. Therefore we thought to give you a nudge in the right direction and help you find answers to these questions.

Here are 50 traveling jobs where you can make money and travel at the same time. (Bear in mind that these 50 ways are only a fraction of all the opportunities that are out there in the world!) …

1. Teach English – Many countries are in need of English teachers and you are good in English, you can seek employment in e.g., South Korea, Japan, Cambodia and many other nations. A good site that can help you get started is goglobalu.com or eslcafe.com.

2. Sell timeshare (timeshare) – If you are a good salesman, there are opportunities to sell timeshares, e.g., in Greece, Caribbean, Thailand and other major resort areas where condominiums are available. The resorts are looking for vendors who can relate to their potential buyers, so it prefers to sell to a Swedish Swedes, American sells to Americans and so on. In this industry, there are opportunities to earn big money for that which is good.

3. Diving instructor – Do you have a diving certificate? If so, there are dozens of places in the world with excellent diving opportunities – Egypt, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, to name a few. Contact different companies offering diving and see if there is any place that seeks new employees.


4. Stewardess – You can educate yourself to become a flight attendant if you are not already there. This is an excellent way to travel around the world while making money and often get paid accommodation.

5. Work at a resort/hotel – Don’t feel like a good salesman? You can be calm, hotels and resorts worldwide often seek foreign staff for a variety of tasks. For example. The receptionist, restaurant work or entertainment. The more relevant languages you know, the greater the chances.

6. Working at a Hostel – Hostels around the world are constantly looking for new staff who are willing to work a few hours a day, either to sit in the reception, cleaning and the like. In exchange, you get free accommodation. Not a way to make money, but you will save money and can discover a new place for free.

7. Online Freelancing – If you have an interest or expertise in web design, programming, editing, marketing, law, consultation or if you are good at writing, you should definitely consider freelancing. There are many ways to do this and some good sites to start with are Elance, Odesk, and Freelancer.com. These websites allow you to get in touch with companies and individuals who need to get various tasks done online. In addition to the above categories are many more categories where you can offer your expertise online.

8. Interpretation – If you know the local language and speak other languages you can work as an interpreter. For example. Swedish as it can be helpful to look at areas abroad with many Swedes.

9. Acting in movies and television series – Go to Mumbai, stand at a street corner in the Colaba area and it won’t be long before someone asks you if you want to be in a Bollywood movie. This probably won’t make you a millionaire, but you get to be on film and make some money so you can stay or travel further. The opportunity to be involved in film and on television in many countries is also kind of exciting and make great memories.

10. Working Holiday Visas – Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore provides “working holiday” visas, mainly towards those aged between 18-30. If you belong to this age group, this is a great way for those who want to travel and make money at the same time. The visa gives you permission to be in the country up to one year. Once there, you just have to be creative and look for jobs in all sorts of places that need staff.

11. Pick fruit – to pick fruit has in recent years become common among backpackers and travelers who are traveling through Australia and want to earn some extra money. The payment varies and can range from accommodation and food to pay per kilo of fruit you pick.

fruit picker

12. Personal Trainer – Do you have training or extensive knowledge of training? Then it’s just to get into different gyms and ask if they are in need of a personal trainer. You can also make a deal with a gym, that if you fix some new customers that you are helping, you may use the gym for free. Then the receive gym membership fees, you get free gym membership and a reasonable amount of money from your customers.

13. Write a travel blog – Not the easiest way to earn money. The time and effort behind it are much more than what most people think. However, there may be a way to make some extra money along the way while keeping the world informed of your adventures. Read more in our article – make money from blogging.

14. Blog about anything – Just because you are traveling, you don’t need to write a travel blog. You can write about anything that interests you and still make money. There are always opportunities to make money from blogging, regardless of the topic you choose.

15. Affiliate marketing – Being an affiliate means in short that you recommend other companies’ products via links. The ability to earn money in this way can be large even if the competition is high. If you’re willing to lay down some blood, sweat, and tears to learn how to be a good affiliate, this may be a way to earn a steady income every month. Read more in our article on how to make money as an affiliate.

16. Translator / Copywriter – A common occupation for many travelers are to translate texts for companies. Copywriting involves writing search engine optimized texts for companies. These two professions are often combined and therefore we have chosen to make it as “a” job.

17. Sell Things Online – Have you seen something cool that you think others would be interested in? Have you ever made your own product you can sell? You can start an online shop or a shop on Ebay, Amazon or Etsy and start selling your products online. Although this requires some effort and time, it can ultimately prove to be very profitable. There are several examples of people who made a lot of money by selling various products online. Even if you only sell a few items a week, it can help you to travel a few extra weeks.

18. Day-Trading – This does not fit all, and it requires some initial capital, but there are a lot out there in the world who make their living by day-trading while they travel. This also requires some knowledge of the stock market, which is quite possible to learn for those who are interested. Day-trading means that you buy and sell shares on the same day in different ways.

19. House Sitting – Stay free in exchange for babysitting someone’s house and possibly their pets while house owners themselves are traveling. This is a great way to keep the costs down while staying at a good place and get the chance to live in another country for free. The period you babysit someone else’s house can vary from one week, one month to one year and everything in between.

20. Work from home abroad – You don’t necessarily have to quit your job just because you want to travel. Is it possible to do your work from home? Many jobs these days don’t require people to be in the office, so just ask your boss if you can work from home/abroad

21. Haircuts – Choose a popular hostel or more, put up a sign (ask first). Take a reasonable price for a haircut, so you are sure that some backpackers will do it. Of course, it’s an advantage if you are good at cutting people’s hair and if you have a good pair of scissors.

22. Massage – Select a popular hostel or hotel, put up a sign (ask first), and instead of offering a haircut, you simply offer massages for a cheap price.

23. Bartender – Bars are everywhere in the world, and many places want foreign staff who can serve and speak the same language as the guests. Can you imagine to stay a while in the same location, this is an excellent way to earn money while you travel. Bars attached to the hostel is a hot tip for finding a job as a bartender.


24. Barker – Are you good at getting a connection with new people? Then the job as a barker at a bar or restaurant certainly suits you. One advantage is if you can speak several languages, then it is, of course, a greater chance that you get the job. In some places, there are opportunities to earn good money for those who are skilled and generates many customers to the bar or restaurant you’re working at.

25. Cafe / Restaurant Jobs – The same applies to cafes and restaurants. If you are on a popular place for backpackers, ask around to various places. Ask the staff at the hostel if they know of any places that hire travelers. Sometimes you can even find ads in the local newspapers.

26. Designing websites – Do you know how to build simple websites or more complex websites? Start your own business and find customers online. Use your network of contacts and look for people who need to make or create a new website. If you stay at a hotel or hostel that has a bad website – ask if they would be willing to pay a small amount in order to make their website attractive and user-friendly. It’s not unusual to get deals if staff and hotel owner know that you work online.

27. Model – Do you have a neat and tidy exterior? Then there is the opportunity to travel around the world as a freelance model. The jobs might not make yourself known internationally, but lots of smaller jobs around the world provides money for food on the table and a roof over your head. If you have a hidden talent for the job and succeeds as a model, you might even become famous and get the higher-paying modeling jobs.

28. Teach others to play instruments – Can you play the piano? Guitar? Flute? Accordion? No matter what instrument you play, there is someone else who wants to learn. You just have to find people who want to learn the instrument you’re familiar with.

Put up ads and notes on schools and densely populated areas with information and contact details.

29. Teach other languages – In addition to English, there are lots of languages that people want to learn around the world. Do you speak Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic or any other language? Check if there are some who want to learn these languages, or if there are jobs in local schools where they are looking for staff who can speak the same language as you speak. Put ads in cafes, schools, etc..

30. Hold some dance classes – As previously mentioned, put up advertisements and notes around the town. Find a place in a public park and get out your dancing skills. You can also visit schools, restaurants, bars and work out a deal that you teach dance at their premises at a small cost.

31. Teach Yoga – You could do the same with yoga!

Yoga class in park

32. Cooking Classes – This may be a bit more complicated because you need a kitchen, but one could ask different hostels if it would be interesting for them to offer guests a cheap cooking course. Offer to share revenue from the cooking course as thanks for the use of their kitchen.

33. Construction worker – Do you have experience in the construction industry, or know how to do, there is the opportunity to work as a construction worker for a short period in many places.

Payment is usually “under the table,” which gives you the chance to earn quick cash.

34. Au Pair – Au Pairs usually gets accommodation and food, and also money to do activities with the kids and expenses related to your work. It also happens that you get paid, giving you the opportunity to explore the country while you are working as an au pair and live for free.

35. Surf Instructor – You don’t need to be an expert to get the job as a surf instructor, often it is enough that you are better than the beginners.

36. Chef – Do you have hidden talents in the kitchen or a solid restaurant training? Restaurants are everywhere in the world in various forms, providing many opportunities for those who are good at cooking.

37. Walking tour guide – Many tour guide companies, including Indochina.com offering tours at low prices around the world, they tend to hire tour guides to take care of each group. The pay is low, however, and usually, comes with a 1-2 year contract. On the other hand, you get a chance to discover parts of the world without spending any money at all while gaining work experience.

38. Sell your art and handmade things in local markets – There are many places where foreigners can rent a place to sell their goods. Usually, these sites are directed towards tourists and other travelers. Many travel around at attend various local markets all year round and sell their stuff.

39. Tour Guide in the Caribbean – This job often consists of welcoming passengers from various boat trips, guide them to the right tour bus or car and keep teams organized. The pay is okay, and you get the chance to work and live in the Caribbean paradise.

40. Photographer – Are you good with the camera, or want to learn to take awesome photos? Then there is a chance for you to earn money this way. You can either set up your own online store with your photos or sell them to royalties pages, which then resells individual licenses and you get a piece of the pie.

You can also try to sell your photos to magazines, companies and various travel and nature magazines.

41. Travel writer – If you are good at writing, there are opportunities to tell your story and the places you visit and post them on various websites or magazines. It is not the easiest because the competition is high, but if you get some articles published, it won’t be long before you’re up and running.

42. Work abroad – Many seem to forget that there are normal companies all over the world. Just because you are not in your home country, doesn’t mean that you have to opt out of a successful career in business. China has such a growing market with big opportunities for foreigners, who can help with expertise or competence lacking in China. Singapore, New Zealand, Dubai and several countries in the Middle East are examples of other places where many foreigners work for large companies.

43. Working at cruising ships – This is a great way to earn money while getting a taste of the world, get work experience and contact with people from all over the world. In many cases, it also means you then have time off x number of days before it’s time to go out with the cruise ship again.

44. Work on a Yacht – Sometimes you get paid, sometimes not, but it can still provide an excellent opportunity to discover places such as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, and sometimes even the Pacific. Desperatesailors.com is a good site where people advertise for “crew”.

45. Volunteering – In most cases, there is no pay as a volunteer. You may instead get an unforgettable experience and a chance to help the world.

There are local organizations everywhere that offer accommodation and food in return for your help. Two useful websites for volunteering is Grassrootsvolunteering.org and IndependentVolunteer.org

work as a volunteer

46. Guide – A job as travel guide means you’re working for various charter companies and takes care of their guests and ensures that there if something happens, or if someone needs information and assistance.

The job also includes to welcome tourists at the airport and lead them to the shuttle bus and go on guided tours.

47. Edit menus – It may not sound like a real job, but there are a lot of travelers who feed on this by walking around the tourist areas and correct menus with errors. How many times haven’t you seen a menu that would need adjustments?

One advantage is if you speak several languages and thus contribute to a greater portion of the menu. Do it for a small payment or food to reduce costs.

48. Busking – Do you have any hidden talent? Play any instrument? Can you imagine to paint yourself as a statue and stand still for a whole day? Then maybe busking is for you. This is quite common in the bigger cities around the world, and people show off their talents with a hat in front of them to collect donations.

Just make sure it’s legal on the site you intended to show off your talents.

49. Employment Exchanges – Watch HelpX.net and WWOOF.org, and you can be ready to pack your bags today. If you are willing to work a few hours a day for accommodation, food and sometimes even a little extra money, there are many opportunities through these sites.

50. Be creative – This is the best tip for those who want to travel around and explore the world. Depending on where you are going, the working situation is different. By being creative, you can always come up with something that brings in cash and takes you to the next place or gives you enough money to stay.

If you’re creative and open to new ideas, we are sure you will be shocked at how many ways one can earn a living when you’re on the road. There’s really only one obstacle who sets the limit, and that’s you.

We hope this list has inspired you to take a step out into the world and fulfill your dreams of traveling, without having to worry about how to make it work financially. Of course, there are the more than these 50 ways to make money on the road. There are so many travelers out there in the world who support themselves in every possible way and it is quite possible for you too, as long as you really want it.


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