Top 10 things to do on Gran Canaria

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Looking for the top things to do on the Canarian island – Gran Canaria? Here are our 10 favorite things to do on Gran Canaria as a tourist! 

1. Anfi Beach

Anfi del Mar is a true paradise beach located just after Arguineguin. Here they have transported sand from the Bahamas in the Caribbean and made an artificial beach at this beautiful lagoon. The water is turquoise, and the sand is so soft and white that you can actually believe that you ended up in the Caribbean instead.

Above the beach are several restaurants and a shopping center. Here is also the luxurious hotel complex of Anfi, consisting of timeshare houses. If you get hungry or want some nice drinks, go to Anfi Beach Club right beside the beach, and enjoy the luxurious sofas and mattresses.

For the more adventurous, there are various water sports you can try out as well.

2. Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo is one of Gran Canaria’s most famous landmarks. Due to its altitude of 1800 meters above sea level you get a spectacular view of the mountains and valleys. On a clear day, you can actually see all the way across to Tenerife and Spain’s highest mountain – Mount Teide.

To hike up to Roque Nublo is without a doubt one of the top things to do on Gran Canaria.

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3. Mogan

Puerto de Mogan is the cozy and picturesque port city west of Puerto Rico and Amadores. Colorful small houses along the harbor and narrow alleys with beautiful bougainvillea that winds along the walls. The atmosphere is harmonious, and Mogan is full of charming restaurants and small shops.

If you want to go for a swim, there’s also a nice little sandy beach.

Every Friday, one of Gran Canaria’s largest markets are being held here. The market begins at the bus stop and extends all the way until the end of the harbor. Here they sell everything from local handicrafts and spices to souvenirs, clothes and much more.

A visit to Gran Canaria is not complete without having been to Puerto de Mogan.

Puerto de MoganFoto: Alexander Waltner

4. Fataga

Fataga is a picturesque little pueblo located in El Valle de las Mil Palmeras (The thousand palms valley). The village is known to be the most beautiful place in Gran Canaria, which is not surprising given its surroundings. The charming little mountain village situated on a cliff that almost seems to fall into the deep ravine.

Besides a spectacular landscape, you can also find many fine crafts, local specialties, and souvenirs to buy and bring back home. In Fataga it’s even cozier and more charming restaurants with good food and a great atmosphere.

Fataga valley is also known as the “valley of thousand palm trees.” Here awaits a tropical greenery along with a colorful and beautiful nature.

It’s really nice to walk around in Fataga valley and something we can heartily recommend as one of the best things to do on Gran Canaria.

5. Caldera la Bandama

Gran Canaria is just like the other Canary Islands, A volcanic island. Bandama is a volcanic crater that rises 569 meters above sea level. It can be a bit chilly at the summit, but the crater is certainly worth a visit. It’s an indescribable feeling to walk around in the dormant volcano crater.

Moreover, one can enjoy spectacular views of the entire Las Palmas.

6. Maspalomas desert

Have you ever wondered how it feels to walk in the Sahara? Then you should head to the dunes of Maspalomas. The desert stretches all the way from Playa del Ingles to Faro de Maspalomas. And you will surely get a taste of the real Sahara desert since the sand once blown over from the Sahara.

Maspalomas Dunes

7. Arucas

In Gran, Canaria Arucas is perhaps best known for its domestic rum – Arehucas. It is here they produce the rum, and for those interested, there is also the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the distillery. In addition to an exquisite rum, there are actually a lot of other attractions in this small town of the north.

In Arucas there’s also a majestic lava stone church with a tower that’s 60 meters high. To walk around in Arucas is extremely cozy and the architecture of many buildings is absolutely stunning.

If you get hungry, you should drive or take a cab up to Montaña de Arucas, which is the city’s highest peak 412 meters above sea level. At the top is namely a nice restaurant serving local specialties while one can enjoy an exceptional view.

8. Drag show at Yumbo Center

Yumbo is one of Europe’s largest centers for LGBT people. Here, everyone gets permission to be exactly how they want no matter what sexual orientation they might have. Several days a week, you can enjoy dinner shows featuring drag queens in the Yumbo Center. The show is very popular and is fun and entertaining for the whole family.

The shows start around 7-9 times, so it is perfectly possible to bring the whole family. Nightclubs are available in the Yumbo Center, but open first 11-12 times, so you have plenty of time even if you bring small children.

9. The carnival

The annual carnival is a real highlight. The carnival is one of Europe’s largest and is held every year in February. Gran Canaria Carnival begins in Las Palmas, and ends in the south of the island. We think that is the best in Las Palmas and Playa del Ingles.

The very best of the carnival is the wonderful atmosphere; the carnival is for everyone, big and small. All dress up and join in the carnival parade. The party begins on the day and ends when the sun rises. And so it goes on for weeks, and the party seems never to end.

One of the best things to do on Gran Canaria for sure!

10. Playa de los Amadores

Amadores is one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, without a doubt. The setting of the beach is like taken from a dream. This is where families with children, young people, and Spaniards go to enjoy a lovely day at the beach. The water is shallow and calm. There are plenty of restaurants and supermarkets if you get hungry or crave a drink.

A visit to Gran Canaria is not complete if you haven’t been to Playa de los Amadores.

Playa de Los AmadoresFoto: Alexander Waltner

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