Top 10 Things to do in Warsaw

Are you traveling to Warsaw in Poland? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions the top 10 things to do in Warsaw as a tourist!

Old Town

Warsaw’s Old Town is full of charm and a cozy atmosphere. Here you can stroll around for hours and watch all the beautiful buildings, churches, and statues. If you get hungry, there is a wide selection of restaurants and cafes. If you want to shop for souvenirs, the old town is the place to go.

To visit the old town is definitely one of the must things to do in the Polish capital. It’s beautiful year-round, but even more so if you visit Warsaw in the winter when it’s full of Christmas spirit.

Łazienki Park

This green oasis is located in the center of Warsaw and offers a nice and quiet break from the big city pulse. The park is full of beautiful trees, birds, squirrels, plants and flowers. Around the park, one can also find some historic buildings along with the royal Lazienki Palace.

The park is great, and it’s easy to find a quiet place for oneself.


Warsaw has a rich and lively nightlife. There are many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs and it is really just to pick and choose. In Warsaw there is something for everyone and the variety is great. A good tip is to go on one of the many pub crawls which are organized every week. Then you get to see several nightclubs and bars together with like-minded travelers.

If you like to party, then Warsaw is a great destination.

warszawa party

Warsaw Free Walking Tour

Go on the free walking tour through Warsaw and experience the city at its best. The tour is led by knowledgeable and local guides who’ll teach you about Warsaw’s history and attractions. We can heartily recommend this tour because it gives you the chance to learn more about Warsaw’s sights in a more personal way.

One of the best free things to do in Warsaw!


In recent years, the spa trips to Warsaw has increased rapidly. Thanks to a high standard and low prices, people from all over Europe come here to pamper their body and soul. Treatments starting from 5 USD and a 60-minute massage costs about 20-30 USD. Going to the spa in Warsaw is absolutely one of the must things to do in Warsaw.

It’s the perfect thing to do when you get tired of sightseeing and endless shopping!

The Royal Palace

The Royal Castle in Warsaw is located in the old part of the city. The castle was destroyed during World War II but rebuilt again afterward. It is possible to enter the castle and visit the King’s apartment and see the paintings and other historical objects.

The palace is also one of the most instagrammable places in Warsaw, great for photos as well as for history lessons. 

Kungliga slottet Warszawa


Warsaw shopping is world class and has a wide selection of local designers, but there are also several famous and exclusive boutiques. Prices are lower than in other European countries, and there are good chances of finding bargains.

There are also many excellent vintage and second-hand stores around town. Nowy Swiat and Chmielna are two trendy and popular shopping streets. Arkadia and Galeria Mokotów are the city’s best shopping centers.

In the old town and around you will find several small shops selling clothes, souvenirs, and Polish crafts.

Warsaw Drink and Food Tour

Join a drink & food tour where you get a chance to taste Polish cuisine. Poland is world famous for its vodka, and here you get to taste the different varieties. You also get a try some of most traditional Polish dishes.

A great way to get to know the culture and a fun activity to do in Warsaw!

Copernicus Science Center

A technology museum for both grown-ups and kids. Even if you are not particularly interested in art, one will appreciate their visit to Copernicus. Here you learn different things about the world.

This interactive museum is large, and there are many things to explore and check in. Next door is a planetarium, which is also very popular.

Please book tickets in advance to be sure to get in.

The Opera House

The National Opera in Warsaw is both huge and beautiful. The inside is just as nice as the outside and has magnificent acoustics. In the opera house in Warsaw, you can enjoy excellent performances at low prices. The performances range from classical pieces and contemporary compositions. One can also go and see the Polish ballet here.

Operahuset i Warszawa

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