Top 10 Things to Do in Venice

Are you traveling to Venice? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Venice as a tourist!

Italy is probably best explored with a car and Venice is a great stop combined with Bologna, Milano and the Dolomites, and of course a classic destination on its own – here’s some great inspiration for a road trip in Italy

Gondola Ride

Venice’s canals are known throughout the world, and there are not many places around the world that are as famous for romance as this city is. When you’re visiting Venice, you have to take a gondola ride along the canals and listen to the gondolier sing. This is one of those attractions that you have to write down on your list of things to do in Venice!

Go to the opera at the Musica a Palazzo

If you like classical music or opera, then you should visit Musica a Palazzo that invites you to an unforgettable experience. The opera house was built back in the 1400s and has a long and exciting history. Musica a Palazzo has beautiful rooms with paintings in the ceilings and several lovely decorations. In the chapel, the floor is entirely made out of olive roots, the of walnut tree and the bronze handles are shaped as beautiful vine leaves.

The yearly Carnival in Venice is also something that shouldn’t be missed.

Rialto Market

This market is one of the oldest markets that exist today. Rialto market has been running since the year of 1097, and here you can buy fresh fish and vegetables. Most people come here to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and have a nice cup of coffee at one of the cozy cafés located in the area. Nearby the market you’ll also find several shops selling both crafts and souvenirs.

Doge Palace

The Doge Palace was built during the 1300s and was home to the Doge, the Rulers of Venice. During the years, this place has been renovated and rebuild several times, which has resulted in several different styles in the architecture of the building. Inside the palace, you can have a look at find ceiling- and wall paintings that light of the palace with its bright colors.

If you’re interested in architecture, art, and history, then you have to write the Doge Palace down on your list of things to do in Venice.

Campo di Santa Margherita

A lively square that’s best to visit during the twilight hours. We recommend that you sit down and look at the crowds while you sip on a good Campari or a spritz, which is the Venetians favorite drink made out of sparkling white wine and an alcohol beverage similar to Campari.

The square is also a popular gathering place for all youngsters in the city since there are several restaurants and bars located around the square.

Lido, Murano and San Michele Islands

If you stay in Venice more than just a couple of days, then we recommend you to visit the Venetian islands of Lido, Murano and San Michele. Visit Lido for that traditional seaside resort feel, Murano for colorful glass arts and San Michele, the tranquil Cemetery Island.

It’s one of the fun things to do in Venice with kids.


L’Aquasanta is a favorite restaurant that’s located in the neighborhood of the Rialto market. The restaurant has local tavern feel to it and serves good authentic food from Italy. If you love food, then you have to visit this place since it’s one of the best things to do in Venice.

Address: San Polo 561, på Calle de Madonna near the Rialto Bridge

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

If you are interested in art, then it’s a must to see the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Here awaits an excellent blend of surrealism, cubism and abstract motifs. In addition to her collection of her husband’s art, she also collected artworks of Picasso, Dali, Duchamp, Moore, and Braque – just to name a few famous artists.

Santa Maria Gloriosa del Frari

Santa Maria Gloriosa del Frari is a beautiful church built during the 1400s in a classic Venetian Gothic style. From the architecture, one can see that this was the Franciscan holy house. This church is a must if you’re interested in architecture and old buildings.

San Marco Basilica

The San Marco Basilica is Venice’s oldest church and dates back to the 1100s. The basilica is incredibly beautiful with large domes and golden mosaics. The inside is also impressive, inspired by a Greek cross. The roof and upper part of the walls are covered with tiles that cover an area of approximately 8000 square meters in total. A visit to the San Marco basilica is something everyone should schedule when visiting Venice.


Murano and Burano are perfect places for a Venice Day trip. The quaint and colorful little towns are a must see!

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