Top 10 Things to Do in Jordan

Are you traveling to Jordan? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Jordan as a tourist!

It’s one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East along with Dubai and Iran. 


The World Heritage Site Petra is something that you don’t want to miss during your stay in Jordan. Petra is a 2500-year-old ruined city built inside rocks. Here you can see the amazing and world-famous treasure chamber, the monastery Deir el-Bahari, the place of sacrifice and the mountain gorge Siq. Take the opportunity and bring your camera with you when visiting the city of Petra since there are many cool masterpieces to photograph.

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Jerash is a very well-preserved ruin of the Romans, which today has become a major tourist attraction. It’s not only Jordan’s best preserved Roman city but also one of the best in the entire Middle East. Here you can stroll around among the Roman quarters and see the market, temples, theaters and watch the beautiful mosaic churches.

Dead Sea

Do you usually sink like a stone as soon as you jump in the water? Then you have to swim in the Dead Sea! In the Dead Sea, the water’s salinity is so high that it’s almost impossible to drown. To bathe in the Dead Sea is truly an incredible experience, and is not to be missed.

Go for a dip and feel as light as a feather!

Dana Nature Reserve

Dana Nature Reserve is Jordan’s major eco-nature reserve, a large sanctuary that attracts many tourists with its stunning scenery and wildlife. The landscape is perfect for hiking, thanks to its good paths.

It’s possible to book guided hiking tours through the reserve, where among other things you can go to Petra and the viewpoint of Wadi Araba.

Wadi al-Mujib

A hike through the Wadi al-Mujib is something you don’t want to miss. Wadi al-Mujib is a beautiful turquoise river that runs between the sand-colored mountains beside the Dead Sea. The river and the mountains is a perfect place for adventure, and there are plenty of guided tours around the area.

Wadi Rum

Approximately 2 hours south of Petra lies Wadi Rum, a red desert that is recognizable from the films Transformers 2 and Indiana Jones. Wadi Rum’s huge rocks jutting out through the sand almost resembles an alien landscape.

In Wadi Rum also lies a visitor center where you can book guided tours, book several days of hiking and camping in the desert moonlight.

Royal Automobile Museum

If you are interested in cars, then you have to visit the Royal Automobile Museums. Here they have a unique collection of both new and old cars and motorcycles. Many of these cars belonged to the car-crazy king, Hussein.

Besides cool cars, you also get to learn a lot of interesting history about Jordan.

Mount Nebo

It’s up on Mount Nebo they say that God himself buried Moses. This mountain is, in other words, full of history and an important religious site to visit in Jordan.

Mount Nebo is also an ideal mountain for panoramic views over Israel and The West Bank. Up on the mountain, there’s also a beautiful monastery decorated with mosaics.

Fakhr El-Din Restaurant

Fakhr El-Din Restaurant is a lovely restaurant serving traditional Arabic cuisine. The service is excellent here, and each dish will make your taste buds rejoice. Fakhr El-Din is, therefore, a must when visiting the capital Amman.

Address40 Taha Hussein Street | Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle.

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Aqaba is located one hour south of Wadi Rum, near the Red Sea and the border with Israel. Here many visitors come to experience the marine life, diving, and beaches.

 If you want sun, beaches and salty water while visiting Jordan, then head to Aqaba!

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