Top 10 Things to Do in Colombia

Are you traveling to Colombia? Here’s a list of our favorite attractions and the top 10 things to do in Colombia as a tourist!


Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia and has long been seen as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, but that was back in the days when the drug cartels had the power. Since their fall, Medellin has become a real success in Colombia.

Medellin is today a fun and charming city with a bright future ahead, and it’s a must to visit when you’re traveling in Colombia!

Nearby, about 2 hours away from Medellin you also have the charming town of Guatape, which is known for its colors and beautiful views.


Cartagena is a city that literally has everything. Museums, fantastic food, beautiful beaches, historic buildings and a colorful old town.

Cartagena is that beautiful that people still visited the city when Colombia was considered as a dangerous country. Cartagena is when it comes to the top things to do in Colombia!

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Colombia’s capital Bogota has just like Medellin cleaned up its criminal past, so there’s no longer necessary to avoid visiting the city. Bogota has many nice museums that show most of Colombia’s history. Besides museums, the capital also offers a lively nightlife as well as several cultural events.

Tayrona National Park

In Tayrona National Park you’ll find beautiful scenery as well as ancient ruins. The park is located along Colombia’s northern coast and offers an impressive biodiversity of both plants and animals. Also, here you can enjoy some of the country’s best beaches.

A visit to Tayrona National Park is a must if you like beautiful beaches, nature, animals and history!

Discover Amazonas

Most people associate the Amazon rainforest with Brazil. The truth is that it can be explored from several countries, for a lower price. Colombia owns one part of the Amazonas, and this area is full of exotic species.

Go on a boat trip along the river or stay a few days in the rainforest with a local tribe or at an eco-guesthouse. A great experience and a must among the things to do in Colombia!

San Andres y Providencia

If you’re looking for paradise beaches and beautiful views, San Andres y Providencia is the place to go. Although the islands belong to Colombia, it actually lies closer to Nicaragua. There are no luxury resorts in San Andres y Providencia like in the Caribbean; here you get the chance to live more simple and genuine.

The beaches are white and sandy, and the water is crystal clear – providing excellent opportunities for both diving and snorkeling.

San Agustin

San Agustin is a small and quiet village that offers stunning landscape and remnants from a lost civilization. In the archaeological park, there are to over 500 monoliths, statues, petroglyphs, and sarcophagi. The majority of the stone sculptures dates back to 100 and 1200 AD.

Today we don’t know much about the creators, but the things we do know have been learned by deciphering the various statues and petroglyphs.


If you like to see wild animals, then this is one of the top things to do in Colombia for you.

Each year, a significant number of humpback whales swim by Colombia’s west coast. Besides whale watching Nuqui also offers; beautiful beaches, hot springs, mangrove forests, and great surfing spots.

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Valle de Cocora

Cocora Valley is located in Colombia’s coffee region and offers hiking with stunning scenery. The large wax palm trees dominate the horizon, while the hills are an ideal place to relax and take beautiful photos.

In Cocora Valley, you also have the chance to experience everyday life in the coffee region, and of course taste authentic Colombian coffee.

Explore a Pueblo

Go to a Pueblo and experience the authentic rural life. Pueblos are small charming villages, located 2-3 hours outside the country’s larger cities. All the pueblos are often built around the main plaza. However, the villages still have its own identity and atmosphere.

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