9 Tips on How to Make an Awesome Bucket List

A bucketlist normally means that you write down everything you want to do and see before you die. Creating your own bucket list is a perfect way to inspire yourself and have something to strive for. After all, we only live once and you have to take advantage of all that life has to offer.

Examples of bucket lists

100 places to see before you die

100 things to do before you die

100 animals to see before you die

100 things to eat before you die

100 drinks to taste before you die

A bucketlist can be done in many different ways; the important thing is actually that you understand what it means and that you’ll be motivated when you see your bucket list. 

Below are 9 tips on how to create your own bucket list.

1. Notebooks

Invest in a notebook specifically for this purpose. Having a hard copy of your bucket list is both funny and a good idea. It’s easily accessible and helps you remember everything you want to accomplish. You never know when you get inspired by anyone else or comes up with something you want to do. If you don’t carry the Notepad, you can write it down on the phone for so long.

Of course, you can use the notepad apps available on most mobile phones as well, but we still think it’s more inspiring and fun to have a physical bucket list.

2. Be inspired by others

No one has a complete bucketlist because it turns up new things all the time throughout life. To sit and think about what you want to do in life can be extremely time-consuming. Therefore, we think instead that you should write it down in your own pace and complete the list ever since.

Be inspired by others, get inspiration from movies and books and find ideas everywhere. Although the list is personal, it may be good to brainstorm with friends from time to time.

3. A bucket list can be anything

Remember that it’s only you who sets the boundaries of what should be included on your bucketlist.
All things don’t have to be as exciting as the “Mount Everest.” It can range from that you want to swim with dolphins, able to do 100 push-ups, kiss a stranger, discover the Amazon rainforest or swim in the pink lake Lake Hillier.

4. Write a draft

The faster you get started with your bucket list, the sooner you can begin to plan and carry out the things you have written down. Unleash your creativity within and turn away your limits and fears. When you write your bucketlist, it’s important to include everything you want and not everything you “can” do.

Everything is possible to do in the world with enough will and ambition. If you’re afraid of heights and want to climb a mountain, that fear can be overcome, just like any other obstacles in our lives.

Write down everything that pops into your head, how ridiculous or impossible it may sound. Write down everything you want to do and let the creativity flow.

5. Refine and share your bucketlist

Once you are finished with your draft, you probably have a lot of things on the list. It may be a good idea to divide them into three categories: easy, medium and difficult. Go through your bucketlist and just keep things you really want to do. If you’re unsure of some or afraid to forget something, it might be good to put them under a “maybe” category. Don’t remove items from the list simply because they are considered “impossible,” if it’s something you really want to do in life, be sure to make it possible.

Some things can be achieved more easily on your own, and some things may be better achieved with the help of others.

6. Make it gorgeous

A stylish bucket list give more inspiration and motivation, especially if you put a personal touch on it. Do you feel that your list is short and contains little things? Don’t worry about it, one aspect worth to remember with a bucket list is that it will never be complete because we constantly evolve throughout life. When you come up with something new to do, just add it to your bucket list and remember that it is only you who decides over your bucketlist and no one else.

But be sure to make it gorgeous and be proud of it. This list is a personal thing that shows your dreams in life, and you should treat it well!

7. Create it slowly

The first thing doesn’t have to include a trip around the world, even if it’s a dream for many. A good tip how to keep your bucket list alive is to create it slowly and perform some simple things often and thus motivate yourself. A few times during the year, you can give up on the more “difficult” things and check them off as you go. Again, this is just a tip; if you feel that it’s best to start with the hardest things you should obviously do so.

Remember that a bucket list is not a competition with others, it’s simply a way for you to collect all the things you want to do in life before you die.

8. Be open to new ideas

While it is important not to let anyone stop you from doing things in this life, it is important to be open to new ideas and thoughts. The world is changing all the time, just like everyone around is changing.

One day you may not feel that diving in the Great Barrier Reef is for you, but a different day, you know that it’s exactly what you want to do.

So, always embrace new ideas, but don’t throw out the old in a hurry. Also, don’t be afraid to get inspired by others. and you should definitely start pushing your boundaries, because there’s a lot of truth in the quote that goes like this “Life begins in the end of your comfort zone”, and that’s so true because that’s where you get the most exciting experiences.

9. Update and reflect on your bucketlist

To keep a bucket list alive it’s important to update it periodically. It is also important to reflect on why you want to do some things that are on the list. The reason for this is that if you know why you want to do something, it is easier to get there and the motivation increases.

Some good examples of the questions:

  • Why do I do this?
  • What do I get out of it?
  • What is the goal?
  • Can I improve my bucket list?
  • Can I do anything to get better at doing things from the list?
  • Is there anyone who wants to do the same as me?

Things to remember and look out for:

  • Make sure your bucket list isn’t being turned into a tangible list of things to “own” and buy.
  • Do not chase other’s dreams
  • Do not let your goals prevent you from living in the present
  • Remember that there are laws that must be followed
  • Do not let anyone else determine your life
  • Do not listen if someone says you’re ridiculous, or being unable to do
  • Trust your gut feeling and do your best
  • Remember that you provide this for your own sake and no one else

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