10 Reasons to Love Sweden

6 June, The Swedish National Day. To honor the day we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons to love Sweden and celebrate our long and beautiful country.

1. Swedish Summer

Well, there’s nothing better than a real Swedish summer day where you grill, bath in the archipelago or by a lake and sunbathe. Whatever one thinks about the Swedish climate, a true Swedish summer day is always wonderful!

2. Meatballs and lingon

A real classic when it comes to Swedish food. So it’s not a real surprise that it’s this dish that Swedes around the world crave the most. There aren’t many more Swedish things than a plate with meatballs, potatoes, “gräddsås” and lingon.

3. Norrland

Norrland is the most northern region in Sweden. The people here have a very distinct accent, and nature is fantastic with beautiful mountains and peaceful sceneries. Another bonus thing about Norrland is the fact that you can experience the magical Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.
Another big reason to love Sweden!


4. The word lagom

Few words describe something as good as the world lagom, which means just about right, not too much, not too little, but the exact right amount to feel satisfied.

5. Cinnamon buns

Another Swedish favorite that even has its own day of celebration, how fun is that? Swedes in general never turn down a moment to eat their precious cinnamon buns and enjoy a cup of coffee!

6. Skåne

Some people claim that Skåne belongs to Denmark, and yes it did once in history, but not anymore. However, the people who live in Skåne (the most southern region in Sweden) is having a similar accent to the Danish language.
And a Sweden without Skåne, wouldn’t be as pretty. The landscapes are so lush and colorful from spring to autumn, and it’s a bliss to explore this region!
In Skåne, you will also find some actual paradise beaches a la Nordics.


7. Equality

Sweden is one of the world’s most equal countries, and the equality debate is being taken very seriously here. For most people in Sweden, it’s a no-brainer that men and women should have the same rights and possibilities.

8. We are a land of invention

The pacemaker, Dynamite, Styrofoam, Bearings, Tetra Pak, Propeller, Wrench, Xylocaine, respirator and safety belt are all Swedish inventions that have been influencing a large part of our society.

9. Pippi Longstocking

A loved character from the sagas of Astrid Lindgren. Every child knows who Pippi Longstocking is, and she has become so famous that it’s even translated into many other languages.

10. Strawberries

Few things are more delicious than Swedish strawberries. Sure, strawberries are available almost all over the world, but they just taste better in Sweden, especially in Skåne.


We at Team Destinavo want to wish you all a happy National day and hope that you celebrate with friends and loved ones!

Go Sweden!

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