100 animals to see before you die

Our world is full of amazing and beautiful animals to see in all its various forms. The animals are a part of our planet, and we can learn an awful lot from them. To see animals in the wild can alter many thoughts you might have. The animals are virtually always in harmony with nature and it is an amazing experience to see all these beautiful animals up close.

Therefore, we want to inspire more people to discover the animal world that our planet has to offer. We have compiled a list of 100 amazing animals that are definitely worth writing down. But, please, don’t go to the Zoo to see these animals. They belong out in the wild! 

Here is a list of 100 animals to see before you die.

1. Mandrill, Africa.

Mandrill ApaPhoto: Michael Fraley /creative common

2. Chameleon, Africa.

KameleontPhoto: Imke Stahlmann /creative common

3. Horned Ghost Crab, Krabi, Thailand.

Ghost CrabPhoto: Thai National Parks /creative common

4. Comodo Dragon, Comodo Islands.

Komodo DragonPhoto: Wikipedia /creative common

5. Flamingo, America.

flamingoPhoto: Wikipedia /creative common

6. Lion Fish, Indo-Pacific.

lion fishPhoto: Wikipedia: /creative common

7. Koala, Australia.

koalaPhoto: David & Dorothy Jenkins /creative common

8. Puffin, Iceland.

LunnefågelPhoto: Peter Mulligan /creative common

9. Sloth, South & Central America.

SengångarePhoto: Charles Peterson /creative common

10. Crocodile, America.

KrokodilPhoto: Nicholas Smith /creative common

11. Giraffe, Africa.

GiraffPhoto: Steve Garvie /creative common

12. Armadillo, America.

bältdjurPhoto: Jason Penney /creative common

13. Sea horse, Atlantic ocean.

SjöhästPhoto: Maëlick /creative common

14. Poison dart frog, Central & SydAmerica.

PilgiftsgrodaPhoto: Ian Carroll /creative common

15. Tucan bird, South America.

tukanfågelPhoto: Wikipedia /creative common

16. Anteater, South & Central America.

MyrslokPhoto: Allan Hopkins /creative common

17. Red panda, Asia.

Röd pandaPhoto: Toshihiro Gamo /creative common

18. Ostrich, Africa.

StrutsPhoto: Ray Morris /creative common

19. Great white shark, Atlantic ocean.

vithajPhoto: Wikipedia /creative common

20. Moose, Sweden.

ÄlgPhoto: Daniel Arndt /creative common

21. Tiger, India.

TigerPhoto: Christopher Kray /creative common

22. Kangaroo, Australia.

kangaroo bucket listPhoto: Leo /creative common

23. Penguin, Antarctica & South Africa.

KejsarpingvinerPhoto: Wikipedia /creative common

24. Howler monkey, South & Central America.

animals to see before you diePhoto: Francesco Veronesi /creative common

25. Piranha, South America.

PirayaPhoto: Gregory Moine /creative common

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