Moscow Travel Guide

The Capital of Russia is a historic city that stretches back way back in time through various of eras. Today, Moscow is a modern and glamorous metropolis where you can enjoy historical and beautiful buildings, shop the latest fashion or spoil yourself at a luxury spa.

See and Do

Red Square

The heart and soul of the Russian capital. This square has stood strong for centuries and few places can offer this much history in one place.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

This beautiful and famous cathedral is located at the Red Square, today this is a museum open for the public. Enter here and breathe in the atmosphere of more than 450 years of history and see what’s inside the big gates.

Tretyakov Gallery

A big and remarkable collection of Russian art. Take a stroll here and experience the art from Russia from 1000 to modern times. As if that wasn’t enough to visit, there is also a very nice restaurant serving traditional food here.

Moscow Free Tour

Learn more about the city on this free walking tour. The guides are knowledgeable and take you to the most important sites and historical places.



Of course, you have to see Kremlin when you visit. Another historical place with beautiful gardens to stroll in. Also make sure to visit the museum of Armoury Chamber to see ceremonial weapons, Russian gold, silver and much more.

Bolshoi Theatre

If you like art and music, make sure to visit the Bolshoi Theatre. A majestic and grand theater both on the inside and outside. Make sure to book tickets well ahead, because it’s a very popular attraction.

Bolshoi Theatre

Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden

Feeling for some relaxation in nature? Go to this botanical garden and watch the beautiful flowers, turtles and just stroll around for a bit.


A so-called Escape room game where you solve riddles to get out.


The shopping in Moscow is fantastic, and you will see all international brands here, and also a lot of Russian high-end brands and designers. There are shopping centers and regular stores where you can shop clothing, jewelry and much more.

Tverskaya Ulitsa

North of the Red Square lies the most trendy shopping street. At this big street, you can find stores, monuments, museums and cozy cafes.

Okhotny Ryad

A more regular shopping center where you can find various international brands such as Nike, rebook etc.

GUM Department Store

If you want to have some good shopping, there’s a big range of stores at the GUM department store. Many exclusive brands as well such as Tiffany & CO, Dior and Burberry. The department store is located next to the Red Square.

Izmailovsky Park market

There’s no shortage of Russian art and handicrafts in this market. At the Izmailovsky Park market, you can buy anything from ceramics to handmade Russian dolls. A perfect market to buy souvenirs and presents.

Get around

By foot

In the central parts of Moscow, you can easily walk by foot. But be careful if you walk late at night.


It’s easy to get around by subway/metro,  and it’s also the most effective way to get around the city. It’s fresh, modern and with English language in the speakers. It’s open from 05:30 to 01:00


Strange enough, all cars can act as a taxi here. But there are also official taxi companies that are safe to use, such as Novoye Zholtoye Taxi.

Bus and Tram

All big streets in Moscow have bus stations with buses or trams. It’s easy and convenient and you buy the ticket next to the bus stop.

Moskva buss

Recommended hotel in Moscow

The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya Hotel

A 5-star luxury hotel with a fantastic location, next to the Red Square. From here you can easily walk or take public transport to various kinds of tourist attractions in Moscow. At St Regis, you can enjoy a full spa, gym, good breakfast and comfortable beds. In short, this hotel has everything you can possibly wish for.

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Food and Drinks

Some typical Russian food you should try include Borscht, Pelmeni, Bliny,  Shchi, Salad Olivier och Beef stroganoff. And of course, for beverages, you should try some real vodka and kvass.

Cafe Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin serves traditional Russian meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is nice and the value for money is great.