Cheapest flight are booked 53 days in advance on a tuesday

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If you book your flight 53 days in advance, you can save as much as a third of the fare. New travel statistics from the flight comparison site Momondo shows that Tuesday nights are the cheapest time to travel.

New travel statistics with over seven billion air fares show that on average, one will find the cheapest trips 53 days before departure, then you can save as much as 29 percent. On Tuesdays, 70 percent of the trips are cheaper and evening flights are almost always cheaper. The most expensive time to travel is in the afternoon. For those who are flexible with day and time, there is a lot of money to save.

According to Momondo’s travel statistics tickets are most expensive on the day of departure. Saturday is the most expensive days to fly, closely followed by Fridays.

There are several factors that come into play when prices are set. Factors affecting the fare is how far in advance the trip is booked, day of week, week number, time of day, airlines and airports. On the price comparison site Momondo is an opportunity to see and learn more about the factors and their influence on the ticket with the tool Flight Insight, the tools you can find at the top of the search results when a search.

Some other factors are Oil price, demand and high season or low season.

Tips for getting cheap flights;

  • Book 53 days before – then you can save up to 29 percent on average
  • It is expensive to book tickets on the same day of departure
  • Travel at night between the hours. 18 and 00 are the cheapest departures
  • The afternoon is the most expensive time to fly
  • It is cheapest to fly on Tuesdays
  • Most expensive day of the week is Saturday, then Friday
  • Compare different days of the week and times

About the research:
The travel statistics include 7,556,696,015 prices for the 100 most popular flight routes on The average includes 75,566,960 fares per route.

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